08/19/2010 07:25 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

9 'Flashlight Worthy' Books About Friend-Fatales (PHOTOS)

One of the great things about running Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations -- a website dedicated to recommending great books by theme -- is the new way in which you see books.

Out the window go the standard genres: Goodbye, Fiction. Sayonara, Biography. Nice to know you, How-To... don't let the door hit you on the way out.

In their place say hello to much narrower themes. Have a hankering for Histories of Natural Disasters? Prefer to peruse a list of Zombie Novels? Want to go to bed with a Children's Book for a Grownup?

Or, in this case, how about a novel that features a friend-fatale, as contributed to Flashlight Worthy by Sally Koslow, author of With Friends Like These?

Where is that line, by the way, between friend and friend-fatale? Like pornography, it's hard to define, but we think these novels -- a healthy mix of classics and worthwhile chick lit -- will make it as clear as a sharp knife in the back.

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