12/05/2010 10:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Asian Images

Picking up today"s New York Times, I was terrified by the cover image. An army of Chinese hackers was apparently coming for me. Their image seemed to have been captured in the Wikileaks document dump:

On closer inspection, of course, it's just "Customers using computers at an Internet cafe" in Taiyuan, China. If you look ever closer, they appear to be playing games. Or, practicing their vast hacking skills.

I don't see why the NYT couldn't have used a more wholesome model-minority image, like "Young Asian man using computer":

Or, to go whole hog, why not include a happy multigenerational family?

I guess they were going for something sinister, but, because the Wikileaks dump didn't actually include pictures of the vast army of Chinese hackers, and because they are a newspaper instead of a stock photo agency, so they needed something real, they couldn't just use "Young man working in dark computer room":

Still, I guess it could have been worse:

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