08/29/2012 01:03 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

5 Ways To Add Avocado To Every Meal

Excessive avocado consumption is a truly excellent vice. High fives to you, fellow addicts.

I know one of my issues when it comes to avocado over-eating is that it's so hard to store a half-eaten one and have it not look gnarly the next day. So I usually end up devouring the whole darn thing. One of the best methods I've found is to lay the avocado cut-side down in a shallow bowl filled with ½ an inch of water. This keeps the avocado looking as green and delicious and edible as can be.

But if devouring the whole avocado is exactly what you had in mind, I have some ideas for you and recipes to go with them. Labor Day is as good a time as any to get your avocado on. Try one of the ideas below as part of your BBQ spread, or keep them in your back pocket for back to school season.

--Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe

5 Ways to Add Avocado to Every Meal