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Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: A Bad Year For Capricorn

Dear Phyllis,

I am a Capricorn* (like Jesus, I always say, in jest), born 14 January, 1966. This past year has been dreadful for me. Severe financial difficulties. Problems with the IRS. An eviction notice (that was finally withdrawn). Threats to repossess my vehicle.
Things seem to be slowly improving right now, though we are far from clear (as my IRS audit lies ahead and I still am trying to catch up on bills).
I work freelance as a translator, and my income goes up and down.
My question is: how much longer until things start going more easily?

Dear Burdened One,

You must be wondering what the heck I've been talking about in my recent columns where I gush about Jupiter transiting Capricorn making life better for Capricorns. Your situation exemplifies an astrological truth: Since we each have unique birth charts we each have unique destinies... and karmic flows.

So whereas many Capricorns are reporting better-than-ever wins and successes, it sounds like expansive Jupiter has only worked to expand your troubles.

But not for long. The good news is your circumstances could take a turn for the way better starting the minute you read this. Good aspects are lining up now through March that can really help open new doors for you and resolve bothersome issues.

Plus, a heavy Saturn influence that's been working with you (and many others) is lifting a bit. Saturn is famous for making life tough. When it's around we usually have to work ten times harder for the skimpiest of results. But Saturn is not a punisher. It's more like a determined coach who puts us though difficult and exhaustive experiences in order to help us develop muscles and talents we never knew we had.

Hopefully some of the issues and problems you've been tackling are leading to greater power and maturity on your part. In that way, your challenges aren't "all for naught" so to speak. (Being a Capricorn does help you use things to your advancement.)

But keep this in mind: Saturn is still making an important influence in your chart (and everyone else's born in 1966) through the autumn of 2009. It's hitting your Pluto, the planet that governs your use of power.

If you (and your fellow 1966 babies) use your power wisely, pretty awesome wins and promotions are likely. But if you are misuse your power even a little, chances are a petty tyrant will let you know about it in no uncertain terms.

Hint: Operating with the intention of doing whatever's best for the highest good of all concerned tends to bring better long-term results than manipulating and scheming for your personal win. Pluto amplifies the principle of whatever goes around comes around pretty intensely.

It's as if your generation is being schooled now in a new and appropriate way to work with "the Force." You're coming of age, and it's time to see what you can do with this world. Yours is a mini-generation of healers. Doors are opening for each of you to do your part. Including you, my dear Capricorn.

Dear Phyllis,

I've been dating a Sun Aries* with Venus in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius for about two years. I'm a Sun Libra*, Venus in Libra, Moon in Gemini. We started off slow, developing a friendship. We kept dating. This summer he started to really get into the relationship. But this August he said he couldn't be in the relationship with me. He wants to say friends. He texts me every day. As long as I stay on the friendship side of the net he hangs out and we have a good time. Question: How do I handle a situation when I love this man but I don't want to hurt myself further by hanging in there when I should be letting go?

Signed, Friend from Venus

Dear Gracious One,

As I always say: Either an Aries is completely in to you and will make a commitment or isn't and won't. If you are hanging in there in hopes that this man who keeps distancing himself will eventually see you as his partner, the only thing I can say is it's unlikely.

Consider this: One trait the two of you might share is a tendency to be attracted to someone who is unavailable. Surprised to hear that about yourself? You might think you're they type of gal who's been too available, at least to Mr. Aries. But 2 years is a long time to endure feelings of rejection. It sounds like you may have harbored some ambivalence about commitment. Until now, perhaps.

I would counsel you to step away from your friendship since Mr. Aries probably won't. (Until he finds a girlfriend - then he'll disappear). Men with Aquarius Moons enjoy their "buddy arrangements," so you might have to put your foot down to enforce your decision to stay apart. As painful as doing so might be, it can free you. Then, when Jupiter does shine gorgeous energy on to your Libra self in 2009 your heart will be genuinely available and poised to make the most of it.

Hint: Whatever you decide, Do it. Don't second guess yourself. You want to be a Libra in her power, not a Libra wobbling with indecision. You're too smart for that.

*Capricorns are born December 22/23-Jan.20th
Libras are born September 23rd-October 22nd
Aries are born March 21st-April19th


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