10/24/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond

Dear Phyllis,

People in my office are saying that since Mercury is going Retrograde we'll have 3 weeks of troubles. Is that true? What kind of troubles?

Menaced about Mercury

Dear Retro-phobe,

If you ask me, Mercury Retrograde has a bad rap. Sure, it's famous for creating misunderstandings, technical difficulties, and travel challenges. So be extra clear in your communications, back up your computer, and be armed with alternative routes when traveling somewhere important.

But Mercury Retrograde can also be a wonderful time to turn your thoughts inward and synthesize all you've been doing lately. It can also help you find innovative solutions - even it's to issues you didn't know you had until Mercury went retro!

Should you expect more problems and annoyances between September 24th and October 15th? Maybe. Since everyone is affected by Mercury Retrograde uniquely, assume nothing and prepare for the unexpected.

Some people are so sensitive to Mercury Retrograde's unpredictability that they avoid making firm agreements or major decisions while Mercury is Retrograde.
That could be a smart choice.

Waiting until after October 15th to sign contracts might be prudent. So might be waiting until after October 15th to launch new projects, get your car fixed, or make technology decisions or implementations.

But since you can't put everything on hold while Mercury is Retrograde (nor should you...) just be more careful and articulate over the coming 3 weeks.

The good news about Mercury Retrograde? It helps you recognize overlooked opportunities. Even the delays and reversals it seems to cause can result in your finding a better way to do things. Because of that, remember to look for the possibilities life is offering you, even if they are disguised as an annoyance.

Mercury Retrograde also buys you time to review what you've been up to lately in order insure it really works for you.

In this case, relationships might be in the spotlight. Your commitments with others, feelings about them, or alliances to them might be up for review. You might find yourself reevaluating a relationship with one person while another is reevaluating their relationship with you.

Importantly, ask yourself if you are participating in relationships in a way supports balance and harmony within you. If something seems off, use Mercury Retro's "redo" energy to change course or to renegotiate your position. While you are at it, ask if you are really committed to your commitments.

Be willing to make changes even if it ruffles other's feathers. Don't let a need for other's approval stand in the way of being authentic and taking care of your self - use this period to become even truer to You.

Dear Phyllis,

There's a single dad coaching my daughter's baseball team that I find so appealing. Dare I ask him out? If I do, what kind of a date would he enjoy? He's a Taurus born May 8th.

Wooing the Bull,

Dear Wooing,

Oh! By all means, ask this Taurus out! But don't rush things or get too fancy. Tauruses enjoy activities that involve all of the senses and enhance their comfort level.

How about a picnic with the kids that includes a basket brimming with goodies, desserts and flowers? Wherever you go, make sure you look nice and smell delicious. Wear something soft that invites a touch, maybe in gorgeous earth shades of green or browns.

Don't rush affection with Taurus. Little brushes of your hand or a gentle hug might do wonders to open and entice him.

Remember: Tauruses are loyal and devoted, but very careful with their heart. It might take a while for him to let down his guard and open to you. Let him know you're ready for more when he is. Be patient --chances are this Taurus will be well worth the wait.

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