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Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: When Pluto Enters Capricorn

Dear Phyllis,

I read that Pluto just moved into the sign of Capricorn. Is that significant?
Signed, Curious

My God Yes. Despite scientists recently demoting Pluto to the status of an ice ball, it still packs a wallop astrologically! Pluto signifies how the masses use power and energy. Pluto's transit into Capricorn indicates radical, far reaching changes in the structures of governments and economies. It also points to the fact that we aren't having an energy crisis - we are having an energy transformation. Believe me, our world is changing. And so are our personal lives.

Pluto works as a transformer. It exposes what doesn't work, undermines corrupt ways, and helps to bring new resources to working order. But it rarely works gently. Usually Pluto's presence creates a "death" of exiting situations that force something new, hopefully stronger and better, to grow.

Each of us will experience Pluto's entrance into Capricorn uniquely according to our birth chart and choices. (Ask your astrologer what Pluto is likely to ignite for you. I would be happy to be your astrologer!) Some will receive remarkably positive, empowering opportunities. Others will experience immense challenges that demand digging very deep and finding new ways to express personal power.

The most productive way to work with Pluto's effects is to approach any challenges it presents with an intention of discovering your true source of power. Hint: It comes from deep within.

Working with the "Force" so to speak- using the intention to operate "for the highest good of all concerned" is by far the best strategy for channeling Pluto's power. That helps harness the intensity and magic of Pluto to create something our own egos could never accomplish.

That said, we do have to watch the dark side of Pluto's energy. It can often tempt us to operate through seduction, deceit, and extremism. Power can be gained from these practices, but so can serious power struggles and opposition. After all, Pluto points out that we reap what we sow.

Although each of us will experience Pluto in Capricorn according to our own birth chart and choices, here are some general ways it could affect our Sun Sign:

Aries will feel Pluto's transformation in their career, status and worldly responsibilities. Perhaps their profession will undergo massive shifts. Perhaps their power will be tested and challenged to transform. Using Pluto's power wisely could guide Aries to better channel discipline and cooperation to create greater success.

Tauruses will feel Pluto's super-charged energy in a challenge to their ideals, philosophies and ideas about what is good, God and moral. Perhaps foreign affairs will have a larger-than-normal effect on their fate. Used correctly, Pluto could usher in a new era of inspiration to Taurus's lives. But they'll have to let go of assumptions.

Geminis will experience Pluto's death-of-the-old, rebirth-of-the-new energy in the area of intimacy. Whatever they share, be it finances, sexuality or emotions might have a deeper, fated quality for some time to come. It's likely Geminis will learn a lot about how to hold strong and support others in times of crises.

Cancers may find Pluto impacts their relationships. Intense situations with spouses, partners and those closest to them will teach Cancers how to better hold their own power in the face of other's power. Fateful alliances are likely, as are fateful transitions.

Leos are likely to feel Pluto's transformative effects in their work. Perhaps their job will change altogether. Perhaps global conditions have a huge impact on their everyday routine. Harder work and greater discipline might be the requisite for success. Health matters might also demand more discipline.

Virgos can use Pluto's transformative energies in their love lives. Letting go of emotional restraints can lead to welcome discoveries about the healing power of love. Fateful changes are likely with loved ones, including children. If ever Virgo thought they had something to express or create, now is the time.

Libras might experience Pluto's power to transform their home and family situation. Existing personal life conditions are likely to give way to new structures. Pluto's presence might create situations that teach Libras to learn even better ways to use their authority in a way that is direct and assertive, even if it doesn't please everyone.

Scorpios can harness Pluto's power to express their ideas in a grander way. Looking for ways to use their ideas to be useful (rather than destructive) is recommended. Although Scorpios are usually the savviest person in the room, Pluto might introduce them to someone who could teach them a thing or two.

Sagittarians might experience Pluto's power most in their financial situation. Discipline and thought-out effort might be the best way to build security. Assume nothing as Pluto rewards ferreting out and solving problems, not blind trust. Old ways and values can give way to new ones that open doors of greater success.

Capricorns will feel Pluto's transformative energies the most. Their lives are bound to change from its undeniable influence. Use wisely, Pluto can elevate Capricorn to immense success. (Granted, it could destroy existing situations before getting them there.) Used unwisely, Pluto can signify seduction, betrayal and undermining. How to use Pluto wisely? Consider actions that are the highest good of all concerned. And check everything out. Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.

Aquarians will feel Pluto's transformative effects in their beliefs. Although they are a progressive people, Aquarians can also harbor insistent "right and wrongs" that Pluto can challenge to the death. Looking for ways to transform disappointments into deeper inspiration is recommended.

Pisces might feel Pluto's move into Capricorn in their social life. Old friendships might dissolve while new, possibly "fated" alliances form. Keeping clear boundaries is recommended. So is learning how to assist others through troublesome situations without taking on their pain. New goals for the future might be forming for Pisces now. Seeing them through can help Pisces discover what they are really made of.


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