02/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: What To Expect From 2009

Dear Phyllis,

Does 2009 have anything good happening astrologically? I'm feeling hopeful, but the economic situation is making me worry. What do I have to look forward to?

Expecting the best, I hope

Dear Keep Hoping,

Yes! 2009 beams some extremely uplifting astrological energies ...and they are forming right now! Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck and Inspiration is beginning it's year-long transit through the progressive sign of Aquarius. It can work wonders bring new social vision, community unity and hope and magic into our collective lives. Jupiter can bring unique blessings to each of us. Below I have a run-down of how it might affect your Sun Sign.

Globally, Jupiter in Aquarius stimulates idealistic activities. It can be much easier for we humans to love and respect one another. It can also be much easier to work as a community to make life good for everyone. Science will flourish. Amazing advances in the health field are likely as are inventions that radically improve our lives.

Jupiter's rare alignments also signal a massive spiritual awakening. Many will experience an uplifting sense of connectedness and loving. Our intuition is likely to expand along with our sense of Hope and Anticipation of Something Magnificent.

In fact, this sense of "Something Good Is Happening" is so strong that many will be able to hold on to it even as life dishes our some surprising challenges. (I'll discuss them next week). In that way we can experience how we are truly OK even when life's circumstances are uncertain.

Is there a down side to Jupiter in Aquarius? Sure - We can be so idealistic that we use positive thinking to deny problems and responsibilities that need our practical attention.

Instead, it's best to apply Jupiter's enlightened energies to implement inventive, socially-conscious solutions to personal and global issues. Remembering that we have an important opportunity to evolve into greatness is a wonderful way to use Jupiter in Aquarius's progressive energies.

Here's how your Sun Sign might enjoy Jupiter's 2009 abundance: (Surely you will experience Jupiter in Aquarius' fortunate affects uniquely. Consult your astrologer about the specific areas of your life Jupiter is expanding. I'd love to be your astrologer!)

ARIES: FRIENDSHIPS can really grow and flourish this year. In fact, you could be downright popular! Circulate as others can open some amazing new doors for you. Reach out to groups and organizations for assistance in achieving your long-term goals. A special blessing of a new best friend can also come your way.

TAURUS: CAREER and STATUS can grow in marvelous ways this 2009. You are in the spotlight more than usual, so let yourself shine. Worldly responsibilities can grow in some significant way. Be inventive in your leadership and allow others to help you - even if they force you out of old ruts. Inspired, magical things can take place, so enjoy them. But still be your practical Taurus self and make sure all the facts are straight and those around you do what they claim they will.

GEMINI: TRAVEL, EDUCATION, INSIRATION or other mind-enhancing pursuits are recommended this 2009. This is a terrific year to delve more deeply into your spiritual interests. Pack up and travel the world. Or study something that's been intriguing you. Get that degree or license you've been considering is likely. Whatever you choose, be your social self as excellent social aspects can bring deeply rewarding alliances.

CANCER: OTHER PEOPLE's transitions can usher in tremendous growth for you this year. You could benefit from life changes of those around you. You might inherit some money, benefit from the growth in your partner's income, or simply be in the right place to catch the bounty from another person's shake-up. Intimacy can be enhanced as you attend to others' crises. All this can show that what seems like something "bad" on the outside can also have a tremendous "goodness" that can redeem, if we allow it to.

LEO: RELATIONSHIPS are expanding like wild fire this 2009. Get dressed and get out there so you can meet all those amazing, inspiring, even exotic partners and good connections you are destined for. MANY Leos will find their special beloved this year, many others will forge lucrative partnerships.

The only thing to watch for is the Leo tendency to become so smitten you forget to make sure others are indeed on the same page as you. And/or possess the same level of integrity as you do. So... as magical and destined as someone seems, still check them out.

VIRGO: WORK matters can grow by leaps and bounds this 2009. New people, new inventions, new visions can all make your service truly innovative. Stick to disciplines that genuinely pay off and support your mastery. But let go whatever keeps you small or isolated. The Aquarian Age is busting into your work, so embrace the bigger part you could play in this world. Deal with unexpected challenges the name of growing and learning so more folks can benefit from working with your talented self.

LIBRA: LOVE is wonderfully enhanced this 2009... ROMANTIC LOVE, NEW CHILDREN LOVE, heck, even ENTERTAINMENT love are quite likely. Reach out this year as gorgeous aspects help you be courted, adored, and placed at the center of attention. Energy to enjoy your life and allow that enhanced creative expression to flow through you.

SCORPIO: HOME matters are expanding. Perhaps your family is growing. Perhaps you'll move or renovate. Or, you might simply find that more people than usual come through your doors or gather in your home space. Parental matters can be quite busy as well, with added benefit. More deeply, 2009 could be the year you touch to something that feels like your soul or essential self. It could show you that despite all the nuttiness going on in the world you have an amazing core to center yourself in.

SAGITTAIRUS: COMMUNICATION is highly recommended this 2009. Writing, teaching or other forms of expression could go unusually well. It's also a terrific year to learn about something that interests you. Travel can enhance your love of humanity. But you needn't go far: a jaunt through your neighborhood could bring a life-changing introduction. That's because in 2009 the luckiest experiences can come through the simplest of moments: phone calls and emails might contain terrific offers of promotion. Enjoy the "every-day-ness" of life as doing so could usher in amazing magic.

CAPRICORN: MONEY matters can be quite growth-oriented this 2009. (horaay!) Other assets can increase as well, such as valuable real estate, expensive stuff and excellent social connections. More deeply, you might also enjoy expansive feelings of self-worth. All these levels of value and wealth can be enhanced by connecting with your community and enthusiastically giving and receiving. That said, enjoy the visionary and inventive energies Jupiter can help generate in 2009, but still practice your Capricornian due-diligence to insure everyone is coming through as they promise.

AQUARIUS: YOU own 2009! A party of planets is gathering to promote you to a new level of life. You'll be showered with charisma and sex appeal, ushered to important next steps in life, and introduced to folks that impress even you. Use these powerful energies, including from January 1st- March 15th to lay a foundation of growth and positive endeavors. Go for that promotion, date that hottie, and do whatever else you've been yearning for but haven't had the courage or the luck to attempt. Don't forget your Spiritual life as you could have some awesome awakenings this year. Rare, sublime, powerful, energies are aligning in your sign that are tailor-made for something rare, sublime and powerful to happen to you. What do you really want?

PISCES:SPIRITUAL energy is set on "high" for you this year. Even if life is changing dramatically (for you and others), you may be intensely aware of the blessings and magic that abounds. Court this by practicing activities that lift and awaken you (such as meditation, seeking counsel, and forgiving anything and anyone that you have judged) as doing so could net amazing awakenings. Remarkable clarity and intuition is available to you. 2009 can also be a rewarding year of serving others... but do so in a way that expands and serves you.


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