05/15/2012 07:37 am ET Updated Jul 15, 2012

Astrology Now: Venus Retrograde, Relationships Wobbly

Ok, folks. Relationships, commitments and even financial agreements might get a little wobbly now that Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde from May 15 through June 27. When Venus goes retrograde, we tend to reassess matters of the heart and finance. It's a great time to evaluate whether you are conducting relationships in a way that really works for you. It's also a good time to review what you have recently done, thought and felt about others -- including those closest to you. And, others might be doing the same about you.

Read below for where your sun sign might experience this Venus retrograde the most.

Many couples could experience an "I'm not sure how I feel about this relationship" moment of unsure-ness. One or both partners can find themselves wondering if their love or commitment is really working. That's ok. Go ahead and explore: Venus retrograde can help us recognize and deepen what is good about our love, social and business relationships. It can also help us identify and talk about what we need to change or understand with others.

This Venus retrograde is in the communicative sign of Gemini. This can help us be even more vocal about our appreciations, as well as our needs and concerns. Since Gemini is so versatile, we might be especially clever about ways to work problems out.

This Venus retrograde can bring a flirty vibe. She can help us make contact with those we're interested in to see if there is any spark. Reuniting with someone from the past is also possible. In short, Venus retrograde helps us notice if there is anything left unexpressed or unacknowledged -- in our current or past relationships.

Financial matters can also experience reversals, as some folks might be rethinking their financial choices. Again, good business decisions and strategies can be confirmed and developed. But if something isn't really right about a financial deal or alliance, problems can arise or the deal could end altogether. (So don't spend it until you've got it.)

Be thoughtful and clear in your communications. Commitments and financial decisions made during this Venus retrograde can have a bit of a "wobbly" changeability. Money matters can get more solid after Venus turn direct on June 27.

Geminis might experience this Venus retrograde the most. Sagittarians, Virgos and Pisces might find their relationships quite eventful, too. Whatever sun sign you happen to be, this Venus retrograde can make your relationships a bit more eventful than usual!

Ask your astrologer how this Venus retrograde will affect you (I'd love to be your astrologer!)

Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. is an astrologer in private practice.

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Here's where Your sun sign might experience this Venus retrograde's relationship and financial "review" through June 27, 2012. Be patient and leave room for shifts in commitments as you and others might need to explore a "change of heart" to become even clearer about what really works.

Astrology Now: Venus Retrograde, Relationships Wobbly