04/18/2012 07:06 am ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Astrology Now: Prepare for a Few (More) Surprises

Prepare to incorporate a (surprising!) new perspective into your life over the coming week or two. Planetary energies are helping us move full steam ahead -- but in a way that may call for a bit of innovation. It might be easier to follow through on the projects you've been working toward over the past few months. Details can be ironed out. A new gusto to your industriousness is likely.

But it is not business as usual: Many of us might experience a very sudden change in circumstances that allows us -- or perhaps forces us -- to approach our endeavors in a way we hadn't recognized up until now. Many might feel downright awakened!

Especially between April 18 - 26 be poised to turn on a dime. Look to see what opportunities any changes in your circumstances may offer you. If anything is lost look around -- something better might be trying to take hold. Although you may need to make quick shifts, breathe before you react. Resist allowing impatience to rule your speaking, driving or decision making.

Think innovatively: You might find that you have to "do things differently" to make projects and relationships work out. Don't resist. It's likely these changes have been necessary for quite a long time.

Ask your astrologer how these powerful energies will affect your birth chart. (I'd love to be your astrologer!)

Here is where your sun sign might experience the surprises, revelations, and opportunity to do things differently over the coming few weeks:

Prepare for a Few (More) Surprises!

Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. is an astrologer in private practice.
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