Gifts For Giving

Thanks to this amazing planet for giving us all living things. This planet was given to us with clean air, clean water and rich earth. We need to raise our voices and return these gifts. There is another gift "peace."

I can't remember a single Thanksgiving in all my 91 years, when we were at peace. Shame on us. What happened to giving thanks for peace? Giving thanks for unconditional love? Thanks for the privilege of living on this planet? And thanks for not destroying it?

How dare us say "Thanksgiving." We are not giving. We are taking and taking and taking. Is it not possible to live in a world with no hatred? No anger, no racism, no guns and no genocide? I want to believe it's possible. Then I will celebrate every day, not just Thanksgiving. So many of us celebrate this day being together with family and friends, but it's hard to celebrate, when thousands are protecting this country and are far from celebrating anything, but staying alive.

When we start saving this planet, preserving the wild life, forests and oceans, then we can truthfully say thanks for giving us this bountiful planet. We humans do every thing possible to lengthen, strengthen and preserve our lives. How about doing something about the God-given air we breathe. Isn't it ironic we purposely are destroying the one thing we cannot live without?

It's all about money and oil. Wind and sun are even cheaper and easier to harness than fossil, fuel and fracking. And the money for these destructive forces comes from donations to the government and the people who are running it and who you and I elected. This information is scientific and available not only to Americans, but the entire world.

I love my family and every thing that goes with the celebration of "Thanksgiving."How incredibly fortunate I am, but deep in my heart I have to remember, respond and take responsibility for millions who live in poverty, who are homeless, and hungry and who lack the energy and passion to raise their voices.

So let's do something about compassion, loving and giving on this thankful holiday and yes all the other 364 days. I'm as guilty as every other non-vocal protester. So I say shame on me.

Let's do something about the condition of this planet and lets do something to encourage the coming generations. We know the vital importance of eating and breathing. Without which we would not be here.

It's the corporations and the government who will prevent a healthy living, thriving planet and a reason to celebrate. I love where I live, how I live and the way I live and I think it's too early to live on Mars. So I'm going to celebrate this giving holiday with unconditional love, friendship, and the belief that things will change because I'm a complete optimist and know we all, "us humans", will do the right thing by this planet.

This is not a game we are playing. It is a game in which we are playing for big stakes. Let us be lucky and hit the four cherries. Let us celebrate give love to this planet and all living things. Then we will have peace, clean air and a real Thanksgiving.

Are you with me? Because if you are then all the future Thanksgivings will thank you for giving. It will be worth all the effort, work and love given to make this a living planet.

I'm going to say "Happy Thanksgiving" and mean it, but I want something in return. It's a promise that one day maybe in my lifetime, all living things will have clean energy, live and breathe clean air.

Think I hear applause?

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