07/24/2013 06:25 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2013

Big Apple Bang

Bing, bang, bus

The city roars

Trucks shriek

Cars howl and yell

Subways escape into hot air

But trains cut through corridors

Of death heat and deafening yowls.

The apple explodes at any second

Loud, loud, loud voices erupt

From mouths a million

Trying to fight the surrounding din.

Small bodies produce loud American

Sounds, words, self-assured statements.

Restaurants are not oases but other

Clamoring pits in the jungle of noise,

Pedestrians flee the heat yet

Bask in the barks of all vehicles.

Energy triumphs and shouts itself to the world

The din is diverse and speaks all languages.

Man, woman and machine are allies

In the production of screams:

I scream, you scream, they scream,

We believe pandemonium is part of

The course of human events.

All ears are created equal and the right to

Boom, buzz and bellow was bestowed

By their unalienable creator.

Silence is banned and sent to reservations

In churches maybe or in exile far away.

The city is hyper, hyperactive, hyper cacophonous

Hyper happy, hyper lonely.

Noise disconnects from neighbors

Noise seeps out of cell phones

Noise enters the mikes of smart phones

Noise creates new beings similar to humans.

A Babel of babbling babies

Shouting their joy to enter the new world.

(Noise, ruido, Lärm, bruit, rumore!)

The pulse of the city, its vibrancy

Are drowned in caterwauling

New York is a loud proud city bathing in bedlam

Always on the go, always on the yell.

Machine made men, women of the hubbub

Have invented boisterous happiness

And a life of jangle in the jungle.