02/11/2015 08:12 am ET Updated Apr 13, 2015

This Abandoned Hospital in Detroit Is Reality, Not a Set on 'The Walking Dead'

This story was written by Robert Johnson and originally appeared on Pixable.

Driving through Detroit, abandoned commercial buildings of all types rise up from the mass of vacant homes to catch the eye. After several days, this modern structure had drawn my attention enough that I stopped to take a closer look. Originally designed to house the Southwest Detroit Hospital, which was closed in 1993, it was sold to Detroit businessman Harley K. Brown who re-opened the building as United Community Hospital and subsequently drove it into the ground to advance his boxing promotion career. It was sitting vacant for nine years when I arrived in mid-January 2015 for our feature series Inside Detroit.

*Author's note: We've redacted any sensitive information in the photos of medical files.

This Abandoned Hospital In Detroit Is Reality, Not A Set On 'The Walking Dead'

This post is a part of Pixable's feature series Inside Detroit.

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