02/14/2015 11:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Bedrooms That Exude Romance

By: Anne Reagan, Editor-In-Chief of

Creating romance in the bedroom is easy when your room helps set the mood. Romantic spaces should be warm and inviting, and filled with fabric and textiles that feel luxurious to bare skin. The furniture you choose can also help set the mood. Look for piece that help hide distractions (like your computer or phone) and try not to make your TV the center of attention. Soft flooring underfoot and drapery over the windows not only feel great, it can help absorb distracting noises and create an intimate feel to the room. Take a look at how these suites have mastered the art of romance in the bedroom.

California Mediterranean by Alison Whittaker Design Inc

This master retreat, with tall, beamed ceilings and dark wood floors, could have looked too masculine and devoid of romance. Fortunately this designer layered this room with warm textures and soft upholstery, to ensure warmth from top to bottom. A dominant bed frame like this one creates focus within the large space and the rug helps absorb light and sound.

Manoir Sur Le Lac by Schaub+Srote Architects | Planners | Interiors

Just like a romantic Hollywood movie, romance in the bedroom should start with lighting. In this bedroom we see that a variety of lights set on dimmers can immediately set the stage. You can easily bring in sconces, lamps or spotlights to add depth and dimension to the room, and help show off its best assets.

Colony Private Residence by Spencer Interior Design

A stately fireplace is sure to warm up any bedroom, especially one like this set within a snowy ski resort. Warm caramel-colored textiles, including fabric on the walls, creates a lovely, romantic setting. Here's a tip: having a gas-fueled fireplace means no messy firewood to store or ashes to clean up.

DC Home by Claude C. Lapp Architects, LLC

Everything about this large master suite screams romance. From the animal print rug to the curvy furniture, from the dark chocolate walls to the sumptuous bedding - this room is primed for love. A really large space like this could feel too large. So filling it with the right sized furniture and using warm tones can help make the space more intimate.

Cedar Haven by Gelotte Hommas

This warm and inviting bedroom feels even more intimate by the clever use of a fireplace dividing wall and choice of materials. You can feel the warmth of the fireplace from either the bedroom or the sitting room. Despite the very high ceiling, the warmth and texture of the fabrics and details keep the romance grounded.

Refined Lonestar by Sojo Design

This master suite features just the right bedframe to set a romantic mood. Extravagant bed linens, a plush throw and a wingback chair inspired headboard sets the right scene. Masculine touches like the heavy wood beams and dark wood details balance out the femininity of the bed furniture.