Positive Statuses and Challenges From a Dating Perspective

11/20/2013 03:11 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

In a world that is obsessed with fitness, six-pack-abs, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, there is something more imperative that's been taking a backseat for a while. STDs and STIs, which are sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections, have been gnawing at the core for some time now. Young people who are carrying these conditions have had little help in dealing with them. When you understand this issue, you will certainly gain a new perspective on what a leap a website such as Positivesingles.com has taken in making things better for young people who are living with infections, some curable, some for life.

Statistically speaking, sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections (STD/STIs) are the most common cause of diseases worldwide. Statistics in America on STD/STI are concerning too. It is estimated that around 20 percent of people in America are living with various STDs, including HIV, and 15-20 million people join this list every year.

What's even more shocking is that nearly 50 percent of the youths in America turn carriers of STDs by the time they turn 25 years old. About 25 percent of high school students would have contracted STDs by the time they finish their schooling. And, over 25 percent of the herpes carriers are NOT AWARE of the fact that they could be carrying this infection that stays for life. In order to curb these numbers it is clear that measures must be taken to stop the spread of STDs and STI's. However, once diagnosed as positive, when is the right time to have such a sensitive conversation before getting too close to a love prospect? Is there a need to place your life on the back burner if you have been diagnosed?

"Positive Singles was created to provide the STD and STI positive people with a place to connect," said Julissa Ford from Positive Singles in a press release. He added:

Living with STDs can be very difficult when you're looking to date because it is something that you should really immediately disclose to people you want to get closer to. Positive Singles takes the embarrassment and humiliation that some people may feel when admitting they have an STD to a new partner by providing an exclusive platform for only STD positive singles. We also assist in providing support that many STD positive people lack.

Dedicated sites for positive people, including those who live with HIV, have brought a lot of hope for people living with such issues. Positive singles operating worldwide has seen a surge in users who log into the site to meet people living in similar situations for both love and friendship. Sites like STD Friends, STD Passions among others are working at bringing together people with similar health conditions together under transparent conditions, as far as their health is concerned.

In a world where people meet, date and then decide on looking at a life together faster than the speed of light, it becomes tough with serious health condition like this, to move forward unabashedly. Many feel they cannot reveal to every person they come across that they have a certain condition. They fear rejection or even humiliation say counselors who have been helping people with infections to lead a normal life.