03/27/2014 12:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

27 Reasons I Am Gluten-Free

Maybe you've seen this post: "27 Reasons I Could Never Go Gluten-Free."

Maybe you even agree with it. Look at all those foods that you would have to banish from your life if you were gluten-free! What kind of person would consider doing that!?

Millions of people around the world would, including myself. That's who. And no, it's not always on a whim -- which the original post's author does thankfully take the time to mention -- because a big portion of those individuals have Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, allergies, or a number of other sensitivities.

But I wonder... Did the author consider what he did by rubbing a list of foods that we can't eat right into our faces?

As has been mentioned over and over again, people with food allergies are bullied and stigmatized significantly more than the general population. And what did a list of all of the foods that we can't eat do? Just add insult to injury.

To put some good feelings back out there for my gluten-free community, I'd like to present, without further ado, 27 reasons I am gluten-free:

1. Because I have Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune condition and it requires a life-long gluten-free diet. As in, we have no choice for our health. Gluten sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies follow this same idea. Gluten-free for LIFE. It is our medicine, not a lifestyle choice.

2. Because I've had to flex my cooking and baking muscles

I've had to work hard to become pretty good at baking and cooking because of Celiac. People in our community are making the items from that original list and are making things even better than their gluten-containing counterparts! Check out these gluten-free Deep Fried Oreos!

3. Because I can have fantastic gluten-free versions of just about anything I want. Like bread,

Photo courtesy of Food by Helen

4. And bagels,

Photo courtesy of Sweet Note Bakery

5. And yes, even beer.

Photo courtesy of Bard's beer and Green's beers

6. Because the rolls,

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

7. And pizza,

8. And even donuts are just as delicious.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Christine's Bakery

9. Because cookies and pastries can be made without gluten.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer's Way Bakery

(And these are even made at, actress and Celiac advocate, Jennifer Esposito's gluten-free bakery!)

10. We're not even missing out on pie!

Photo courtesy of Tu-lu's Bakery

11. And we can have our gourmet cakes and eat them too!

Photo courtesy of Sweet Freedom Bakery

12. Yes, even the beloved pasta can be made gluten-free.

Photo courtesy of

13. And I would be remiss to leave out the American fad dessert, the cupcake.

14. Because on top of all these great gluten-free products to replace the "glutenous" ones, I can also eat all of the same naturally gluten-free products that everyone else can! Like fruit,

Photo courtesy of Flickr: theseanster93

15. And some healthy vegetables,

Photo courtesy of Flickr: rightee

16. And also some not so healthy chocolate.

Photo courtesy of Flickr: elisfanclub

17. Because we can even have wine,

Photo courtesy of Flickr: tobiastoft

18. And yes, some cheese to go with that chocolate and wine!

Photo courtesy of Flickr: anneh632

19. Because we can still indulge in some hearty meat and potatoes,

Photo courtesy of Flickr: louisbennett

20. And because my favorite beverage, coffee, is thankfully gluten-free too.

Photo courtesy of Flickr: kplanz

21. Because ice cream in its natural form, contains no gluten at all!

Photo courtesy of Flickr: joyosity

22. And what better way to enjoy snacking than with some naturally gluten-free potato chips.

Photo courtesy of Flickr: mjlynch

23. Because a taco with a corn tortilla is gluten-free too (just avoid any cross-contamination!).

Photo courtesy of Flickr: jeffreyww

24. And YES, pad thai is made with rice noodles and can be gluten-free too! Just watch out for the sauces!

Photo courtesy of Flickr: bochalla

25. And because no, I don't have to give up my Italian food favorites either. Risotto is naturally gluten-free!

Photo courtesy of Flickr: chasqui

26. And I can't forget about sushi, just as long as I watch out for the hidden gluten in some soy sauces.

Photo courtesy of Flickr: avlxyz

27. And yes, I KNOW, you are shocked! Even Paella, is naturally gluten-free.

Photo courtesy of Flickr: saynototheoffice

BONUS: 28. Because I have an awesome and supportive community to get me through the tough days.

Yes, there are some hard days when we feel like we're missing out, but we push through with a little help from our community. So do your part and be a supportive gluten-free friend and ally. And besides, after looking at this list, I don't know about you, but I don't feel so bad anymore!