01/06/2010 03:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Headline 2020: Feingold, Sanders, Kucinich Start New Progressive Party

At Headline 2020, activists and citizens from all walks of life are submitting their ideas for the headlines they'd most like to read in the news in 2020. We've received an impressive range of entries so far, from the lofty:

Cold War Finally Ends: Total Global Nuclear Disarmament Achieved

To the hilarious:

Emergency Hearings Taking Place to Consider Minimum IQ Requirement for Jetpack, Hovercar Licenses

If you have a headline that you'd like to add to the list, we're still accepting ideas at

Meanwhile, we're inviting the Huffington Post community to help us start the next phase of the Headline 2020 conversation -- how do we get there from here? We'll identify headlines that are particularly popular or promising, and ask you to weigh in on a series of questions:

  • Is this headline really desirable, or not?
  • Is it achievable? What are the barriers, and are they surmountable?
  • Is a 10 year timeline appropriate? Too long, too short?
  • What intermediate steps would have to be accomplished in order to make the headline a reality in 2020?
  • What resources would be needed, and what tactics would be most promising?

(These questions are just the starting point for a conversation; it goes where it goes!)

We're starting off today with a submission that came from HuffPo commenter Awake-and-Sing:

Senators Russ Feingold, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Congressmember Dennis Kucinich start the new Progressive Party founded on the principle of not accepting corporate campaign cash. The Progressive Party pledge to run a nationwide campaign is every Congressional District and State Legislative District in every State, and for all Senate and Governor races in 2010, and to run a Presidential candidate in 2012.

We got something similar on the Headline 2020 website from @Scholars_Rogues:

Democrats and Republicans accept reality, split into four parties and engineer switch to Parliamentary system

So: is it desirable to leave behind our current two-party system? Is it possible? What would have to happen in order to read this headline in the news in 2020?