02/12/2015 06:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways Wallpaper Became Cool Again

Remember that point in the late '90s when you had enough of those nautical stripes? Well, that's how we now feel about taupe paint. Luckily, wallpaper has made a glorious return--this time with more inspired styles.

Jungle Spots
Don't call 'em a polka. This new dot feels more organic, even a little random. Shop the look.

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The New Florals
Out: symmetrical granny prints. In: high-impact graphics. (Just be sure to use in small doses.) Shop the look.

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A Single Bloom
Or just ball out with one isolated graphic. Shop the look.

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Throwback Palm Fronds
The famous Beverly Hills Hotel print lets you dabble in preppy vintage. Shop the look.

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Faux Patina
If bold patterns aren't your thing, try a slight texture instead. Shop the look.

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A Watercolor Mural
We also adore a jolt of soft color. Shop the look.

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Boho Tie-Dye
Shiburi fans: It doesn't have to be limited just to textiles. Shop the look.

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A Subtle Damask
And damasks don't have to look like wedding linens from 2002. Shop the look.

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A Soft Geometric Print
No more chevron, kids. Instead, try a petal formation. Shop the look.

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Toile in Unexpected Places
The English landscapes might be outdated in your living space--but not in your laundry room. Shop the look.

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