11/12/2013 12:33 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

3 Holiday Travel Tips (Video)

1. Pack Smart
We're all for aging gracefully, but we doth protest a single wrinkle on clothing. That's why we've made it our mission to learn how to pack like a pro. Watch this video to see how 30+ items can squeeze into one little suitcase (and still remain wrinkle-free):

2. Stay Moisturized
As the temps drop and our skin starts to tighten, a simple daily moisturizer just won't cut it (especially on an airplane). Exfoliate. Tone. Plump. Condition. Repeat.

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3. Grab a Good Book
Not sure what to read? The easiest way to know if you'll like a book is if somebody compares it with another one, which is why we pulled these 30 Literary Doppelgangers.

Hint: If you liked Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl--you'll love The Dinner by Herman Koch.