11/05/2013 05:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 New Ways to Vacation

Hotels are so two years ago. Next time you're planning a vacation, check out these unique places (and until then, just picture yourself there.)

1. In a treehouse

The whole Swiss Family Robinson thing feels a little claustrophobic. (Stranded on a deserted island with nobody but your blood relations? No thanks.) But vacationing in a treehouse? Talk about the views! The warm breezes! The proximity to monkeys!

And luckily, there's now a slew of hotels and temporary rentals that cater to arboreal-loving travelers.


Head over to PureWow's slideshow of crazy-cool treehouses you can actually stay in, from luxury tree hotels to exotic rustic bungalows.

2. In a castle

From Portugal to Ireland to South Africa, here are 13 castles you can actually vacation in.


3. In a celeb's home

They're just like us! When they're tired, they sleep. When they're hungry, they shell peas. When they're having a bad hair day, they wear a hat. And when they need a little extra income, they rent out their crazy-amazing houses and vacation pads to boring schmoes like us.


Check out these celebrity homes you can actually rent for vacation...and just try not to break any of Christie Brinkley's stuff while you're there, OK?

4. In a tent

Camping always seems like a good idea...until you consider the actual tent, sleeping bag and outhouse situation. Luckily, it's now easier than ever to sleep under the stars in style.


This luxe resort on Montana's Blackfoot River is not your average sleepaway camp. Each of the private, high-design tents features jetted bathtubs and heated floors, not to mention butler and laundry service. (Starting at $2,000 a night)

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