11/30/2015 03:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Things You Should Never Ever Put In The Dryer

Knowledge is power, guys. And since you already know all about the settings on your washing machine, we thought we'd up the ante with a handy guide to what can and can't go in the dryer. (Because you'll cry buckets if you shrink just one more shirt).

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What You Should Never (Ever) Put in the Dryer:

1. Bathing suits. Anything Spandex will start to break down and lose it's elasticity as a result of the high heat.

2. Bras. They're too delicate--plus, the heat will cause them to lose their shape.

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3. Rubber-backed bath mats. The rubber that provides extra grip in the bathroom can actually fall apart in the dryer...and potentially cause a fire.

4. Tights. Even if you only put them in for five minutes, you risk tangling, knotting and runs galore. Hang them to dry next to a heater instead. (They're so delicate, they'll dry super fast.)

5. Anything with bling. That striped shirt with the faux crystal beads around the neckline? Don't do it unless you want to risk melting the baubles.

6. Uggs. It's tempting, but the sheepskin will shrink in the dryer's high heat. Stick them in a sunny spot and wait it out.


What's Fine to Tumble Dry:

1. Workout pants. Maybe don't do it every time, but if you're in a rush, it's totally kosher to pop your Lycra capris in the dryer with the heat on low.

2. Tennis shoes. As long as they're not high-performance sneaks, you can totally toss your Converse in. (Again, low heat--and put a couple of dry towels in with them to speed up the process.)

3. Dress shirts. Just be sure to set your dryer to air-dry or low heat.

4. Feather pillows. You'll need about four to six hours to dry these guys, but as long as you use the delicate setting, you should be golden.


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