06/09/2015 04:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Shortcuts To Save You Time In The Morning

We won't sugarcoat it: Mornings are hard. Between making coffee, applying makeup and remembering to pack a lunch, there's a lot going on. But what if we told you that a slight rejiggering of your routine could transform those first few hours? Read on for seven simple shortcuts.

Make Your Bed (While You're Still in It)
First things first, don't waste your energy trying to perfect those hospital corners. Instead, fling up your duvet (with a little whimsy, of course) and be done with it. Watch this video to see how it's done.


Create a Playlist Timer
You know you shouldn't hit the snooze button. But when you're way exhausted, nothing can get you out of bed... except maybe some good music. Create a morning playlist (keep it pleasant and upbeat) and use it as a timer. Shower for two songs, get dressed during one song and so on.


Whip Up a Five-Minute Smoothie
The last thing you have time for in the morning is an egg-white Western omelet. Instead, get a solid protein boost from this delicious (and gluten-free) chocolate, banana and coconut smoothie. We bet you could even do it in less than five minutes.

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And Master the Trick to Cleaning Up Afterwards
Speaking of smoothies, there's also a five-second trick to washing your blender when you're done. Just add some water and a touch of soap and blend (again).


Invest in Multitasking Makeup
When you're crunched for time, having some two-in-one products can be a lifesaver. Instead of going through the whole moisturizer, foundation, concealer routine, opt for a BB and CC cream, like BareMinerals Complexion Rescue (it covers like foundation but feels like moisturizer). Then try an eyeliner pencil that also works as a brow filler. Finish with a cheek stain, like Benefit Benetint, that can double as your lip color.

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Keep an Arsenal of Pouches
There's nothing worse than opening your purse only to realize that you don't have your subway pass, glasses or keys. Stock pouches with your essentials and make a habit of switching those from handbag to handbag.


Use Your Keys to Remember Things
The night before, place your keys on top of anything you don't want to forget. Never again will you leave your lunch at home.

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