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9 Chic Ways To Store Your Jewelry

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To the woman whose jewelry sits in a jumbled, knotted mess atop her dresser: Your accessories deserve to be treated with a little respec t-- and style! Gone are the cork boards and earring cages of yesteryear. Say hello to some nicer real estate for your baubles and bling.

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Plate It.
Put a serving dish on your dresser or nightstand. (You can decorate one yourself or buy it pre-designed.) Adorn it with your favorite bracelets, rings and brooches.


Add Some Quirk.
One man's oddly shaped sculpture is another woman's bangle holder. Go ahead--put the "fun" in functional.

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Buck The Trend.
Mount a faux deer head to your wall for a nature-inspired way to drape your necklaces. He won't mind, we swear.


Honor Tea Time
Feeling whimsical? May we suggest hosting a tea party... in your dresser? You'll be happy to open up your drawer every day to see tons of colorful mismatched saucers and teacups.

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Hang 'Em High.
If you're a minimalist with some extra wall space, try making these jewelry blocks--all you need are brass dowels, a wooden block and some hot glue.


Stack 'Em Up
Make your gems look like dessert by using a cake stand. This DIY version uses plates and shot glasses.

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Be A Shop Girl.
Take a cue from your favorite retailer. You can get glass boxes like this at any furniture or home goods store.


Play Dress Up.
Use a mannequin or dress form to drape necklaces and pin brooches.


Branch Out.
This easy project is an understated and beautiful way to bring the outside in.


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