05/12/2015 04:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Surprising Snacks to Upgrade Your Afternoon

Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

C'mon. You can do better than those chocolate-covered gummy bears.

See the full list of sweet & salty snacks.

Avocado-Lemon Toast
Instagram's favorite food, meet your secret weapon: lemon. Get the recipe.


Graham Cracker "Sandwiches"
It looks like a cookie, but it's actually a cracker. Get the recipe.


Spicy Bar Nuts
Make Enough To Fill A Mason Jar - they'll be good for a week. Get the recipe.


Cherry and Hazelnut Bark
Share if you must. Get the recipe.


Crispy Green-Bean Fries
"Fries" just took on a whole new meaning. Get the recipe.


Berries and Cream
Almost zero effort for a perfect bite-size treat. Get the recipe.


Cucumber Chips and Salsa
Thickly sliced cucumbers are a completely acceptable replacement for tortilla chips. Get the recipe.


Skillet Parmesan Crisps
Serve by the handful. Get the recipe.


See the full list of sweet & salty snacks.

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