12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Inspiration of Barack: McReagan, 40 Years Later

As we approach the final days before the biggest, most important election of our time, we must all give it one final push toward the finish line. This has been a long journey, significant to each of us in its own way, important to us all the same. But while we approach the beginning of what many consider to be the reconstruction of this great country, do not think for a second that the journey is complete.

Am I a little nervous? Yes, but far more optimistic. In my travels, there's been a lot to see. Some negative, but by far, mostly positive. I would like to be a witness for those who have not been able to see. To provide a little more confidence for those who are lacking. Know that this movement is happening and it's real. From Columbia University to California State, it's very real. And I am proud to be a part of it, as you should be. Let us be confident but not complacent. After all, we cannot allow history to repeat itself.

All you have to do is look back forty years ago. Although I wasn't alive, it seems as though a similar journey was taking place. There were movements ranging from anti-war, black power, women's rights, sexual revolution, etc. It was a time when the American people realized that it was not only OK to question government, but it was our right. Those who lived it can speak on it much better. But for those of us who didn't, all we have to compare it to is the movement of now. And though we still have number of issues, war, economy, immigration, gay rights, etc., There's a more universal understanding of exactly what we need to do. Never will I criticize what took place in the 60's, I've always admired so much about the strength it took to stand up as they did. The protests, marches, sit in's, etc. got us very far in terms of this countries progress, but they scared the right & center so much that they also got us Reagan. We won't let this happen again. This time we are not scared, more people than ever understand exactly what has to happen. That we cannot afford to let the progression of this movement end with another Reagan, or in this case, McCain.

You might ask, what can be done now? Let me tell you. You can literally go grab someone, take them to the polls and make sure they vote. Not just anyone, someone who you think wouldn't do it on their own. I don't know everything, but this is fact; This day will never come again. Just as yesterday is gone, and today will pass, you only have one opportunity to live out each individual moment. This is that opportunity. Take it while it's here. No regrets.

I wasn't able to post all of the shorts from our series throughout the process, but I'd like to take this opportunity to lay everything on the line and show them all. So on Monday, Nov. 3rd, for the whole day, you can view all 7 shorts here:

This is my final effort to give some sort of inspiration. I hope it helps.