08/23/2013 05:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Society, Art and Nature: Camille Seaman

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As a society we encounter nature everyday. Nature and society are linked. A simple act of encountering nature daily becomes important and perhaps profound when we greet nature with artistic lens. When we greet nature with artistic lens the connection between real world and imagination connects. But aren't we always tapping into the imaginative? We are always forming mental images as we greet nature.

The family of deer running through a backyard amidst a mixture of hail and snow can become art by virtue of forming the mental picture. The pretty white snow falling onto the ground builds the connection between art and nature for some.

I think it's important not to view only the artist as being endowed with artistic sight. Art is so inclusive, and the artistic eye is in the view of the beholder. In her talk, 'Photos from a Storm Chaser,' Seaman forms her art through the visual and actual experience of storm chasing. As a society of viewers we also take part in this sort of artistic connection between art and nature. Even the way, in which Seaman delivers her story is in of itself artistic delivery, almost sounds like spoken word poetry.

Native Americans have always infused art and craft with connection to nature and miracles manifesting of the earth. Legends and myths of the Native Americans are laced with themes joined with nature acting as human or carrying god-like capabilities. In the Native American society the art of healing is profoundly depended upon what is known as spirit of nature.

Seaman's talk 'Photos from a Storm Chaser,' takes devilish storms and lightening, which most people fear and presents the storm chase as a respected type of artistic genre worthy of honor and recognition. Most poignant is the fearlessness that comes with the art of storm chasing, a fearlessness that many in society do not possess. We can have dialogue about the level of fearlessness one must summon to chase a storm that has no mind or reason as a human in society. After all, moving pass fear is a different kind of storm.

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