10/30/2015 04:57 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2016

Entrepreneurs: 10 Things to Do When You Feel Like Quiting

1) Go ahead and quit! It's only for a day or two. Sometimes you have to just surrender what you think should be happening today. Let go... There is is so much freedom to be found in the releasing of all your "shoulds."

2) Reach out for support from like-minded people. These people can be your spouse, best friend, religious groups, or Facebook groups. You'll be surprised how strangers can sometimes understand and encourage you better than people you've known all your life. The point is, reach out for encouragement from people who get where you are, but have the right words to push you forward, because they have been there themselves, 1,000 times.

3) Go to bed. Your body needs to heal from the stress life is applying. Plus everything looks better in the morning.

4) Keep your rituals. Exercise, gratitude, affirmations, visualizations are what got you this far. They will carry you to the finish line. Examine how these rituals are working for you: see number five.

5) Recount your victories. When David (in the Bible) got ready to fight Goliath, he reminded himself that he had already slain a lion and a bear. This gave him the reassurance he could defeat the giant at hand. What life or business giants have you already defeated? You are well able.

6) Clean your physical space. When I get stressed or overwhelmed, I clean. I used to close the shades and go to bed for days (before I had a baby). So this is an improvement. Cleaning gives you back control over your environment. Clear work space clutter. Wash up those few nagging dishes, etc. Clean till you feel free again. That's a good time to talk on the phone to a buddy too. Helps with the crazy need for multitasking.

7) Tell yourself the truth. What false beliefs made you quit? Were you telling yourself, "You can't, you'll never get there, there's too much to do, if other people only knew what a failure I am, I should be able to contribute financially to my family, no money means I'm a failure, or I can never learn it all." Wow! We are so rough on ourselves. Lighten up! Feel your feelings. But tell yourself the truth for every lie. Review number five.

8) Revisit your teaching or business philosophies. Make sure they are still true for you. Do you believe in Magic or is it just all hard work? Good question. The goal is to become more and more authentic every day.

9 )Set some goals that you can accomplish tomorrow without much effort. This restores the feeling of success.

10) Laugh. Dance. Grab a raft and ride the wave. This too will pass.

Happy Life!

Queen of Dreamers

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