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A Quora Guide to Comic-Con

This Spotlight Feature originally appeared on Quora.

Q:What's it like to attend Comic Con?

A: I have been to Comic Con three times, and I have enjoyed it every time. I split it up into two areas: the booths and the panels. The booths are a bunch of comic book stores and artists selling their stuff. I think all together, Comic Con probably has the most comprehensive selection of comics in any one location. As a result, I usually spend 1/2 a day to a full day just browsing, filling holes in my collection, checking out new material and artwork, etc. You can usually find the comics you are looking for at decent prices, often much lower than you would pay in a comic book store. Even if you are not into collecting comics, it is always amusing to people watch, as many attendees will dress up in costumes, which range in quality from amazingly well done to laughably terrible. There is also a growing amount of anime and movie related stuff as well. ... More >

- Thomas Tran, Software Engineer

Q: Why/how did the San Diego Comic-Con become such a huge mainstream event?

A: The old timers tell me the change started in the 90s. Marvel had a push to get their IP into Hollywood in the early 90s. The comics industry wanted studio money and Comic Con became a place for industry people to broker deals. ... More >

- Richie Edquid, I'm in your subculture exploiting your memes.

Q: What difference has anime made to your life?

A: Anime can be pretty mature, emotional and serious stuff, contrary to what most people think (can't blame them, since they think of Tom and Jerry and Popeye when they hear 'animated series' and imagine anime are the same thing with bigger eyes). There are actually several lessons to be learned ... More >

- Akilesh Radhakrishnan, Got an opinion about everything

Q: What is the fascination with cosplay?

A: ... So, why cosplay? To engage with our mythical/narrative roots; to take on skills and powers that we don't normally have, in the context of ritual - or fun; as a visual hook to drive commerce; to enjoy, for a moment, the thrill of being something else than we are or who we feel that we really are. ... More >

- Erica Friedman, Comics are literature too.

Q: What benefits do children get out of playing Dungeons and Dragons or similar games?

A: 1. It's a small-scale lab in teamwork and collaboration. On one level, each adventure provides a series of problems to be solved, and your team has different skills to solve them. Whether it's elves and wizards fighting a monster or a mock business, playing through these challenges teaches you how to work together, manage sometimes limited resources, and solve problems that aren't always simple A-B-C situations. ... More >

- Jason McDonald, Level 8 druid. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

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