02/02/2013 11:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

As a Casual Football Watcher, How Can I Look In-the-Know at Super Bowl Parties this weekend?

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Answer by Dave Hogg, Freelance sportswriter

At some point in the game, say the following things:

"It's the end of the Ray Lewis era and the beginning of the read-option era, all on the same night."

"The ironic thing is that Jack Harbaugh always liked Cooper best."

"This isn't exactly how Alex Smith imagined his first Super Bowl."

If Baltimore is winning, mention how much God hates Cleveland.

If San Francisco is winning, joke about how many tattoos Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will have by Monday morning.


Answer by Louis Tracy, Photographer

Aside from the obvious stuff, an area that will generate some interest is the following....

One thing to know for a causal observer of this year's Superbowl is that this game will go a long way to answering whether the 49'ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is the prototype for future NFL quarterbacks.

The Raven defense faced 3 opponents in the 2013 playoffs: Colts, Broncos, and Patriots. The Ravens gave up an average of only 19 points in those 3 games holding the Pats to the 13, the Colts to 9 and the Broncos to 35 [and 14 of those points were scored on special teams]. Over the course of the 2012 season, the Ravens finished 12th in overall defense, however, in the playoffs, the veteran defense excelled.

Now, even seasoned NFL watchers will be looking to see if this young, gifted QB from the 49'ers is truly the new mold of QB for the NFL and a big game in this Superbowl, against an always tough Ravens defense, will go a long way towards general managers re-thinking what they really want from the QB position.

Of course, finding a QB with the natural physical tools of Kaepernick is another matter.

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