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Behind the Scenes of Monsters U: A Quora Guide to Pixar

This Spotlight Feature originally appeared on Quora.

Q: What are some mind-blowing facts about Pixar Animation Studios?

A: The crew of a Pixar movie works on it for a total amount equivalent to a 500-year career for one person. The time Pixarians spend creating a movie is enormous compared to its running time. For a film of roughly 100 minutes including credits, that's five years per minute of movie produced... Read more >

- Zach Baker, Pad Rank Co-Founder and CTO

Q: What college(s) informed the look of Monsters University?

A: As Pixar is located in Emeryville less than 20 min from the UC Berkeley campus, it's only natural that Cal would get a lot of screen time. Memorial Glade, Doe Library, and the Campanile...


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- Brittany Cheng, Pixar fan, UC Berkeley student

Q: How does Pixar manage to constantly produce commendable movies?

A:  The creatives have the power, and the executives, what few there are, are there to support the directors. Each film is the story that a particular director wants to tell. I can't think of another studio that isn't executive-driven... Read more >

- Craig Good, Pixar Camera Artist

Q: Why is the production cost of an animation film is so high?

A: A single frame of an animation film can have millions of moving parts. For the Sully character in Monsters Inc, there were 2,320,413 individually named hairs on his body. When he moves, the animators have to animate each hair in the body to create a highly realistic effect...

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- Balaji Viswanathan, Founder Ultimate guide to ETFs

Q: How does Pixar come up with such awesome ideas for movies? And how do they make their stories so great?

A: Their quality comes out of a commitment to emotional truth, in every way possible. All considerations, technical and artistic, come out of a passionate interest in telling a story: through character design and cloth dynamics, texture, lighting, performance, sound, story... Read more >

- Nick Sung, Pixar story artist and designer

Q: Why is it that Pixar has made so few feature films?

A: A number of reasons come to mind. The way we make movies is just really, really hard. It takes years just to get the story right. Animation is a very labor-intensive process. It takes... Read more >

- Craig Good, Pixar Camera Artist

Q: Why was Steve Jobs interested in Pixar?

A: Steve told us in 1986 that we were the only group of people who knew what to do with a 100+ megabyte memory and when personal computers got that big someday we would be way ahead of the curve... Read more >

- Loren Carpenter, With Pixar before it was Pixar. Coined the word "Pixar".

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