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How to Consume a Buffet in the Most Efficient Way

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Answer by Benjamin Tay

This is my buffet strategy, as developed with my classmate during Econs lessons in JC.

Pre-buffet week

  1. For the week before the buffet, you have to begin conditioning your tummy. What this means is that for at least one meal a day, eat till you're full (even if it's just bread) and when you think you're full, drink as much water as you can. This is to prepare your stomach to stretch like never before.
  2. For the week before the buffet, do some brisk-walking or watch fitness videos. This is to prep your mind for the gorging that you are about to do. You have to make sure you don't chicken out halfway through the buffet because of calorie worries. Cheat your mind into thinking you deserve it.

Buffet Day

  1. Some idiots will tell you not to eat on the buffet day itself, but not Uncle Ben. If you starve yourself, the moment you start on your buffet you'll feel sick in the gut. Snack a bit throughout the day and make sure you're properly hydrated. Stop eating around 4 hours before the buffet.
  2. Right before you leave house for the buffet, drink a cup of diluted vinegar. I take apple cider vinegar.

Rock and Roll

  1. Do not take any drinks. The only drinking you'll get is 1 cup at the end of the buffet.
  2. If you want to have soup, take it first and finish it at the start. Then, allow 15 minutes for the soup to pass through you. Great time to play on your phone or chat with your buffet partner.
  3. Scout all the food, and take a bit of everything you think is nice. Do not take too much!!! You don't know what's nice until you actually eat it.
  4. After you've sampled everything, settle for 3-4 items that appeal most to you. And keep eating.
  5. When you think you're full, pee. When you know you're full, take a dump.
  6. Push yourself! Tough times never last but tough men/women do!
  7. At the end of the day, reward yourself with a tiny drink. You fat-ass, you.
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