08/02/2013 11:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Will Tim Tebow Do as a New England Patriot?

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Answer by John DeMarchi,

I'm cheering for the Resurrection of Tim Tebow. Bleep the haters.

First off, Tebow has value in that he's a 3rd string QB who can play special teams -- like Jim Jensen did back in the day in Miami.

Second, he brings a ridiculous work ethic and toughness to the Pats -- and the Pats could use some toughness, as the Ravens showed us in the playoffs last year.

Third, he absolutely helps the Pats' defense, in that he can simulate read-option threats in practice -- he gives them a running QB to practice against, although he lacks the long-gear of RG3, Kaepernick, etc.

Fourth, he might be a role model to get Gronk out of the clubs at 3 a.m.

Fifth, he might give the Pats some help in the Wildcat, although this is questionable to me -- would the Pats really lineup Brady at WR to get jacked by opposing corners, or take Brady off the field? Doubtful.

Sixth, he's a developmental guy at three positions -- QB, FB, and TE. And he'll be working with the coach -- Josh McDaniels -- who drafted him in round one in Denver. So if ANYONE can figure out how to use Tebow, Mac might be that guy.

The Pats are not going to have Tebow press conferences daily (like the Jets).

Tebow is no threat to Tom Brady (as he threatened Sanchez). And Tebow's current coach, Bill Belichick, is only perhaps the best coach ever -- not a coach who is going to get a tattoo of the QB on his body (like Rex Ryan did with his #6 Mark Sanchez tat).

I've written on Quora for a while now that I like Tebow as a situational QB, and Csonka-like runner. 

There's no risk here: If he can play, they develop him; if not, they'll cut him. 

And if Tebow is a distraction, the Pats will ABSOLUTELY cut him -- ask Randy Moss.

I bet he makes the 53-man roster and dresses on most game days this season.

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