09/07/2012 12:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

If the Olympics Had One on One Basketball, and All the NBA Stars Played, Who Wins Gold?

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By Jonathan Brill, VP of Sales at a Software Start-Up

My money is going on one of these three: Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul

Here's what you need:

You need to be very good at dribbling. You're going to have the fastest, strongest, quickest defenders in the world with one hand on your back, standing between you and the basket. You can't pull up and take a jumper. You have to get from 40' out to the hoop. You can't just bowl people over, it's too easy for them to take a foul. You have to get around people and get close enough to lay it in. You can't assume that you can catch it in the post, you have to be able to dribble it all the way there, and you have to do it like twenty times without getting picked. That eliminates every big man in the game, as well as LeBron James. As great as he is, he's a strong driver but a mediocre ball handler, and he's not fast enough to run around guards half his size. He could back them down over and over again like a big man, but sooner or later, they're going to pick his pocket.

You need to be able to score efficiently from weird angles right around the basket. Big men are great at dunks and putbacks and such; but little guys are much more used to dumping around and under blocks and flipping it in. Big men are very used to commanding the ball on their own with both hands around the basket, but that won't serve them well if they can't ever get there. Not all guards are good at this, but the ones that are typically defy the laws of physics.

You need to be able to defend like a cornered cat and occasionally block and get a rebound. Blocking and rebounding in the NBA isn't as reliant on size and athleticism as most people think it is. If it were, guys like Kevin Love wouldn't be getting twenty rebounds a game. Dude has no hops. It's more about timing and positioning, and there are a few guards who can lead their team in rebounds despite being the smallest guy on the floor. Also, in a race to easy baskets, getting one or two loose balls on the way to the hoop is gold. Some of these guys are masters of knocking a ball loose in mid-dribble.

Rajon Rondo:nine career postseason triple doubles, tying him with Wilt Chamberlain (wait, what!?!) for fourth most ever. Also, one of the few guys in the league who scares LeBron: Jonathan Brill's answer to Russell Westbrook: If you had to win one playoff series in the NBA right now, would you take Westbrook or Rondo as your point guard?

Dwyane Wade: four times more blocks than the next shooting guard on the list last season and statistically, more blocks per game than any guard in history; more blocks per minute than KG (or anybody on the Heat) and oh yeah, this:

Chris Paul: owner of the "consecutive steals" record in the league for getting at least one steal in 106 straight games and on top of that, perhaps the nastiest crossover since AI:

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