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Major League Baseball 2013 Mid-Season Guide

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Q: What is the most players from a single team to ever start in an All-Star game?

A: ... Then in 1939, the Yankees started six players in the All-Star Game: Rolfe, DiMaggio, Dickey, George Selkirk, Joe Gordon and SP Red Ruffing. In 1940, they had the chance to start six players in the All-Star Game again, but Rolfe had to be replaced because of injury and the Yankees only started five (Charlie Keller, DiMaggio, Dickey, Gordon and Ruffing). ... More >

- Ben Dyer

Q: If you could pick one to build a baseball team around for the next five to ten years, Would you pick Bryce Harper or Yasiel Puig?

A: Fine, since you've only asked us to pick one of two options. I'd pick Harper over Puig for two simple reasons. ... More >

Mithilesh Gurujala

Q: What are the best single season teams that did NOT win the World Series?

A: My vote would be the 2001 Mariners. Seattle had so much going for them: Jamie Moyer had a 20-win season; Ichiro Suzuki, in his rookie year, batted .350 and had a staggering number of stolen bases; Freddy Garcia had a season ERA of 3.05, which led the American League; Bret Boone had a career year and led the AL in RBIs.  The Mariners scored a lot of runs and stifled teams with their defense. Their 116 wins was not a fluke. ... More >

- Aaron Ellis, Sabermetric Fantasy Baseball Geek

Q: MLB: What are some of the worst baseball teams of all-time?

A: Having grown up in Buffalo, NY, I bow to no person when it comes to talking about awful sports teams.  A lifetime of fan misery always attracts me to questions like this one... here's my $.02. ... More >

- John DeMarchi

Q: Baseball: What is the most exciting play in baseball?

A: The inside-the-park home run, for its unmatched duration/intensity of excitement for the fan.  It's a unique and thrilling play in how long it takes to develop:

Stage 1: A long drive, often just out of reach of a diving outfielder or up against the wall. The fans are already out of their seats.

Stage 2: The ball bounces around, and the hitter accelerates toward second base. You can feel the crowd's excitement and noise level grow as they wonder if he'll go for a triple.

Stage 3: The hitter rounds second base, and the crowd quiets for a split second as it looks clear he'll make it to third base without a close play.

Stage 4: A gasp from the crowd as they see the hitter accelerate toward third, and realize that he'll try to make it home.

Stage 5: A close play at the plate, and sustained feverish applause. ... More >

- Ken Weinstein, been to 30 MLB parks (but half are defunct)

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