11/04/2014 04:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top 10 Business Travel Hacks

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Answer by Chantelle Martineau, Salon Professional

  1. Join every loyalty program possible. When things go wrong, it pays to have the membership for leverage. It also gets you priority for check in, etc.
  2. Stay with the same hotel chain. The points you acquire can be some great Christmas gifts!
  3. Seriously, be nice. It's not the gate agent's fault if the flight is canceled and taking it out on them will not help. If you are nice to them, I guarantee that you will find a faster solution to your issue.
  4. Have a power pack as a power backup for your phone. I love my Mophie!
  5. Pack your own energy bar and snacks. Throw a couple in purse or backpack. Why pay more if you don't have to?
  6. On Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights, the airlines open seats and drop prices.
  7. It just depends on how much you travel, but I literally have my travel clothes always in my suitcase. I only switch them out seasonally and launder what is needed. Packing is a pain so keep it easy.
  8. Driving can be faster. If it's less than a 5 hour drive, it's easier and then you have your own car.
  9. Get an electronic hobby. Whether it's a game on your iPad, reading on your iPad, or whatever, it helps pass the time.
  10. Have your emergency information somewhere safe but not in your wallet. If your wallet gets stolen, you need to have the information to call your credit card companies. Act fast on this, thieves move fast and are skilled. And don't worry, security will let you through at the airport, you just have to go through a little extra screening.
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