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What Are Some of the Mind-Blowing Facts About Michael Jordan?

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Answer by Caroline Lee, Student of Failure

Some facts about Jordan:

  • this is his house
  • all of his children have December birthdays
  • owns about 100-150 suits
  • is uncomfortable on small boats or near large or deep bodies of water
  • is terribly afraid of water, since when he was a child, a good friend drowned in his presence, and almost drowned himself at a baseball camp at age 11
  • eats the same meal four hours before each game, a 23-ounce New York steak and either a baked potato or mashed potatoes, a salad, and a ginger ale
  • has been known to check into a hotel using the name Leroy Smith (the kid who beat him out for the last spot on the Laney High School team when he was in the tenth grade)
  • major in college was cultural geography
  • wears the number 23 because when he was in high school, he couldn't wear the number 45 since his brother was wearing it, so he wore the number considered to be half of 45, 23
  • gets a manicure for his fingernails every ten days, and a pedicure for his toe nails every month
  • gained 31 pounds since college by working out with weights
  • doesn't have a family member taller than six feet
  • grew four inches over one summer in high school
  • his yearly income from endorsements is estimated to be over 40 million dollars
  • for good luck, he wears a pair of UNC shorts for every game
  • his first contract worth over seven years was worth $6.15 million
  • before Jordan arrived, the North Carolina, Tarheels won only one national championship in 1957
  • he has only played two games in which he scored two points
  • wore Converse during 1982 NCAA championship while GTown wore Nike *
  • his dad, who trained him, was murdered while sleeping in a car
  • was excluded from the varsity team because the coach thought he would get better / more practice through the JV team **

*Added after a comment by Chris Young.

** Added after an answer by Han Hu.

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