05/30/2014 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Do Couples Talk About?

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Answer by Tracy Crawford, Once Dated, Now Married

Married 21 years now. I guess I'm qualified to answer this!

We talk about the daily stuff -- work and problems from the day. Logistics that have to be solved and issues about the children, cars, pets and houses. What we're planning for dinner and who's buying the milk and the wine that night! If he's sorting the mail before he pours me a drink.

We talk about Google (where he works) and Android and Ebooks. We talk about education and Montessori and the school I've opened. The work that still needs to be done and how or when we will manage it together. Dreams and plans and goals.

We talk about meetings and people and dinner with friends.

We talk about the wider world -- news, social events, and philosophy.

We talk about when and where we are going for a date!

We talk about family and travel and worries about parents getting older.

We talk about vacations -- time on a beach or torturing me on a sailboat (seasick). Or maybe a ski trip once upon a time or visits with family.

We talk about choices, dreams, stress and feelings. He makes me laugh and understands me. I do the same for him.

We can share inside jokes -- based on our history together and other conversations. He knows when I'm tired before I'll admit it. I know when he needs food.

We talk -- just like we did when we were dating. We talk about everything and we talk about nothing. Sometimes we talk into the middle of the night -- if we need to.

We talk about life. Our life together.

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