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Why Do Some People Hate Barça?

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Answer by Abhishek Padmanabhan, Barcelona Fan

I'm a Barcelona fan, and I'll try to elucidate some of the major problems people have with this great team.

  1. Jealousy - Obvious. You have a team winning almost everything up for grabs. You have the best players on the planet lining up in one team. Everyone else is going to be jealous. Also, La Masia. Every club wishes they had that.
  2. Fear - Hand in hand with jealousy.

    The many Clásicos which happened in the Pep Guardiola years - Barcelona has an excellent record (which dipped a bit in his final year). Two of the most important ones here are the 6-2 and the 5-0.

    Also, the two Champions League finals in which they picked apart Man Utd with ease. Barcelona dominated them in the biggest game in European football... twice in three years. That must have hurt.

  3. Boring factor - Bullshit. Others tackle to defend, Barça keep the ball. They still end up scoring more goals than most other teams. Most of their goals come from an intricate passing sequence. And no team with Messi or Iniesta in it can be called boring.
  4. Holier-than-thou attitude - Okay, maybe Xavi and co. go wrong here. They play a beautiful style of football, but they fail to recognize that other styles of football can also be effective. However, the way Chelsea won the Champions League was not pretty at all. Effective, but not pretty. Not a good advertisement for football.
  5. Referee partiality - Again, no. I think referees are always biased towards big clubs in home games due to a certain degree of intimidation from the players and fans, but no particular bias towards Barça. These decisions even out in the long run. In 2011-12, Barça would have been much closer (or possibly ahead of RM) in La Liga, but for some poor refereeing.
  6. Diving - Yes, I admit. Barça has Busquets and Alves. They're theatrical. Their actions are shameful. But then again, each big club has its share of divers. Don't ever forget Cristiano Ronaldo (he's improved now) or Di Maria. Ashley Young. Drogba. Robben. Suarez. You can't call them saints.

    Also, some of the stronger players in the game tackle badly. Pepe's a great example. I'd like to punch him in the face for all he's done in matches.

    What do the frail ones do? They can't tackle effectively. So they dive.

  7. Fanboys - True for a lot of clubs. How many Chelsea fans are from the pre-Abramovich era? How many Man Utd fans are true fans?
  8. Club running - This isn't a major problem for most haters (they barely know what happens at this level), but a club owned by the fans is something which is radically different from what happens outside Spain.
  9. Sponsorship - (someone raised this point) I don't understand why other club fans spewed venom for the decision to offer the T-shirt sponsorship to Qatar Foundation.

    I can understand a Barça fan's opposition to this, having never had a sponsor for the shirt, but no other club fan has the right to say anything in this regard.

  10. Messi. Haters can hate, but he is the best there is.

    • One group says that Messi is nothing without Xavi and Iniesta - Yeah, right. Because Pele didn't have Rivelino, Tostao, Jairzinho, and other greats in his team.
    • Another group says that Barça are nothing without Messi - Obviously, their current system is designed to utilize Messi in the best possible way. And well, the other members of the team perform pretty impressively in the Spain team.

Summarizing, being the best team in the world means that more people will hate you.

Ignore the media hype. The media can do whatever the hell it wants. Go watch the matches yourself, then judge.

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