06/28/2012 10:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Is Cristiano Ronaldo Hated So Much?`

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By Shivra Subramanian, Developer at Hatch Labs

I think a lot of the hatred is a result of the comparison to Messi. Messi is a player that everyone loves to love. A very humble and reserved personality, he shies away from the limelight and overcame great struggles in his career's early stages.

Messi's love for the sport itself is greater than Ronaldo's IMO.

I personally don't hate him, but I can think of multiple reasons for why people do.

  1. Arrogance - He does back it up with pure footballing talent, but this is a quite a turn off for a lot of people.

By Peter Havas, Kicked a football with Diego Maradona

Because he is not a team player in what is unquestionably a team sport. He would rather be the best player on a losing team than a member of the supporting cast in a winning team. It comes through clearly in his body language.

By Jan Leadbetter, charity worker

Because he comes across as self-serving and arrogant. He is also fantastically talented, so some of it is probably jealousy. Oh yeah, he played for Man United too ...

By Oren Shafir, creative director at

Add to the other answers the fact that he complains about virtually every call and spends a lot of time rolling around the grass pretending to be hurt. Granted, a lot of players do, but he's the highest profile one. In my mind, combating these activities should be the number two goal (after the battle against racism) of Fifa and Uefa. It's a scourge to the game.

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