U.S. Out: President Obama Gets It Right

President Obama got it right when he finally decided not to participate in Durban II, the UN "Anti-Racism" Conference in Geneva. The Congressional Black Caucus, Trans-Africa, and Human Rights Watch -- which are chiding the U.S. government for failure to "stand with the victims of racism" -- could not be more wrong. Durban II will provide a forum, not for victims of racism, but for those who shed lachrymose tears for their plight while persecuting Bahais and hanging gay teenagers in Tehran, raping and murdering Black Muslims who happen not to be Arab in Darfur, and manacling prisoners of conscience in the Castro brothers' Bastilles. I'm in Geneva this week where on the first day the Libya/Iran/Cuba Troika present Iran's President Ahmadinejad. I imagine some of the EU diplomats will then go crosstown to attend the Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) event led by Eli Weisel. Isn't about time they spare us their crocodile tears for 6 million dead Jews when they have so little stomach to fight against today's resurgent anti-Jew (including genocidal) hatred?

Human rights activists the world over owe a debt of gratitude to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He pulled Canada out of Durban months ago and was proven right.