11/19/2014 05:47 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2015

The Torah of Torture vs. Torah of Truth: Udall's Sacred Task

For a brief moment of sacred opportunity, the American people has a chance to learn the truth about our government's deliberate use of torture as an act of policy. Senator Mark Udall holds that moment in his hands.

What should happen?

Jewish tradition teaches that torture is utterly forbidden -- for it destroys the Image of God in human beings, installing instead Caesar's image of subjugation and despair. Every Yom Kippur we read in tears the story of 10 great Rabbis tortured to death by the Roman Empire.

The American people must learn the full truth of torture committed in our name, by an administration that wanted the USA to be an empire, not a democracy.

Senator Mark Udall has a sacred opportunity and task to let us know the truth -- for the truth alone can set us free. The Senator has an absolute right under the Constitution to read into the Congressional Record, the full Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA use of torture, but must do it now in this "lame duck" session of the Senate.

I urge Senator Udall to turn this session from a "lame duck" to a free-flying bold bald eagle! We can all encourage him by calling his Congressional office at 202-224-5941.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow