05/16/2012 08:26 am ET Updated Jul 16, 2012

INFOGRAPHIC: A 7-Step Roadmap to Unlocking Your Potential

"Who are we? What are our innermost wants? What really makes us happy? How can we live life to the fullest? How can one attain all-around success?" These are questions that humanity has pondered since the dawn of civilization.

Wars have been fought, empires built and defeated, and religions formed, all fueled by the human quest to achieve fulfillment and answer life's calling. Countless thinkers and authors throughout the ages and various schools of science have attempted to demystify the human psyche and what really make us tick.

I would like to present a roadmap to life that addresses the above points based on Chabad Kabbalah (also known as Chabad Chassidut). The uniqueness in this roadmap is that it's based on seven soul powers, which are spiritual elements that we all have. These are truths within us that we just need to tap into and we'll find answers. We don't need to travel to a mountaintop in the far east or control an empire to experience life in its fullest; rather, we just need to tune in to our very own being and the answers are there.

These soul powers deal with the complete makeup of the human being, including our likes, dislikes, sensitivities, feelings of happiness and sadness, our conscious and unconscious being, and everything else about us.

They are also very revealing when it comes to our own personality type. On the chart of the soul powers there are three columns: right, left and center. The placement of each soul power in its particular column carries much meaning. A person can be right-, left- or center-column oriented, which are three personality types. In brief, right represents creativity, inspiration, artistic ability, entrepreneurship and innovation. People with the right column personality type are always looking for the next big project. At the same time, however, these people lack discipline and the ability to properly focus on details and the important, yet boring, parts of life.

People who are left-column oriented are the extreme opposite. They are disciplined, methodical and revel in the details. However, left-column orientation may cause a person to be too strict and can also lead to depression and anxiety. The center column personality type is a synthesis between right and left. People who are center-column oriented are well-rounded, balanced, charismatic and personable. (For further explanation, click here for a video clip, in which I explain this more at length.)

This infographic is an outline of my roadmap, "Seven Steps to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential -- A Spiritual Roadmap to Success and True Happiness," based on the seven soul powers. The roadmap is currently being offered in webinar format online and at seminars in NYC. I invite you to join me online or at a seminar in person! Please visit to sign up!

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