12/31/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Mar 02, 2014

A New Year's Prayer

I am wrapped round with unfulfilled resolutions,
Cotton candy oaths that unspool and melt in the heat of the next day.
Was I wiser last night when I promised
Than today when I wish to renege?
But dear God, yes; we do have better, loftier selves
That can reach beyond the instant and the appetite
To something sacred, lasting, something that stirs souls
With elevated music, deep cords of connection.
So I resolve, behavior and being
To ponder, play and listen with both intent and abandon,
To feel more deeply, not to close in anxious flight--
To have love be my lodestar.
And when tempted to fold inward with fear
I will remember: this is my best,
That speaks to you now
On the edge of this new year.
Standing at the horizon of time we see far.