10/25/2013 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2013

For People Like Me Who Struggle With Prayer

A Preface to Prayer:

Dear God,

I know I cannot really relate to You, but I have to because I am human.

I am a creature of flesh and blood caught in past, present, and future; You are the eternal Soul of the Universe. I struggle with right and wrong; You transcend morality. I live between memory and anticipation, or too often between second-guessing and anxiety; You are peace. How does little ol' me relate to a higher and deeper power like You? I can't even truly relate to a river, a tree, the force of electricity, magnetism, or gravity. How much more so can I connect with You who transcends it all?

Because I have to. Because I am a part of You, and my consciousness is an infinitesimally small but unique part of Your unity. Soul of the Universe, I have a soul, too. It cries out to the void.

"Just as the Holy Blessed One fills the world, so the soul fills the body. Just as the Holy Blessed One sees but is not seen, so the soul sees but is not seen. Just as the Holy Blessed One nourishes the world, so the soul nourishes the body. Just as the Holy Blessed One is pure, so the soul is pure. Just as the Holy Blessed One abides in the innermost space, so the soul abides in the innermost space. Let the one who has these five qualities come and sing to the One who has these same five qualities." - Babylonian Talmud Berachot 10a