12/21/2012 11:48 am ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

Interfaith Prayer for the Souls of Sandy Hook

Understanding what happened in Connecticut may never be fully possible, and complete healing for those directly affected may not come for many years, if at all.

As a rabbi, a woman of faith, a mother, and as a member of this community, I ask myself, "How do we respond to something like this?"

I don't have all the answers, but I do know this: We cannot be paralyzed by fear or lose our faith in humanity. Life is so fragile; events like this remind us of that chilling fact. We must hold close and love unconditionally the blessings in our lives, at work and at home. We must come together as a community, as we have done today to show support -- and if it is a part of our practice, continue praying.

With that in mind I would like to conclude our service with a prayer: Although we were unable to provide safety and peace for the victims of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we can pray that their souls find shelter under G-d's mighty wings.