06/02/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Thoughts on Lindsey Lohan and Jesse James

When asked about Lindsey Lohan and Jesse James I said the following:

On Lindsey Lohan:

"It is absolutely a tragedy to watch a young women who is kind hearted and talented implode before our very eyes. While the news media continues to obsess about her dysfunctional life I believe the principle issue is the broken relationship with her father. Lindsey exhibits all the classic signs of a fearful abandonment and desperately needs a wise counselor and healing process. Let's remember, this isn't an entertainment story; it's a human tragedy."

On Jesse James:

"I believe there is no such thing as sexual addiction. There are only men who are broken and who choose to commit themselves to an immoral life. What Jesse James needs is moral rehabilitation. Sexual addiction is typically an excuse. If you notice, Jesse James didn't hold up a liquor store or anything in that nature; he had an affair. Why do so many woman gravitate towards bad boys? Sometimes you have to choose the good guy who doesn't seem to be as exciting but who turns out in the long term to be a lot more committed and loving."