08/20/2012 09:07 am ET Updated Oct 20, 2012

My Movie Bucket List: An Olympic Finish

Dear Movie-Watchers,

I apologize for my brief respite from blogging. This year's summer Olympics was particularly enthralling -- I literally watched nothing else for those spectacular two weeks. In the spirit of such athleticism, I turned to a fitting documentary: Man on Wire.

The film explores the monumental 1970s high wire walk by Philippe Petit between the Twin Towers. The planning, expertise, and skill required to take on such a feat was truly unparalleled. The documentary is just plain fascinating. From learning about Petit's history as a wire-walker to the Twin Tower walk's conception, I was engaged and mesmerized the entire time. To be honest, documentary-style films sometimes bore me. They tend to have a duller concept. However, Man on Wire has all of the romance and spectacle of a Hollywood-made movie.

Even more impressively, the film managed to thrill me the whole time. Despite the interviews with Petit showing he survived, the wire-walks shown were still of nail-biting peril. Somehow, the documentary's director kept me hooked and nervous despite the obvious happy ending.

Going into the film (which is available on Netflix instant play!) I was apprehensive about the general premise. I tend to shy away from sports films. Not that I dislike athletics, I just find such movies to be predictable and a bit overdone. Man on Wire was an absolute exception to that rule. Yes, the film is rooted in an athletic ability, butt the film celebrates the ingenuity of the walk: not just the walk itself. Man on Wire is different than a movie where an athlete scores the winning goal. In this case, the circumstances were life or death. Furthermore, the interviews and the history of the walk were downright captivating. Just as in the Olympics where the announcers would give background stories on a particular athlete, like Oscar Pistorius, Man on Wire created a fantastic story for the audience. If you loved watching the Olympics or just enjoy a great story, I'd definitely recommend Man on Wire.

What's your opinion on sports movies? Did you see any film-like qualities in the production of the Olympics? Expect more movies and posts coming your way! For real-time updates on my progress, follow me on twitter @RDeChiara. Happy watching!

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