03/05/2012 06:31 pm ET Updated May 05, 2012

Agent of Change of the Month: Dr. Mark Hyman

I am uniquely privileged to have a universe of elite medical influences orbiting my humble existence. Ever since I produced Donna Karan's Urban Zen Well-Being Forum back in 2007, I became this walking healing hub. Thanks to the doctors and healers in my life, not only have I benefited, but my family, friends and extensive social media networks have also been given the opportunity to absorb some of the top wellness wisdom out there today.

When I first met the great Dr. Mark Hyman, he had the presence of a young rock-star about him. He felt like so much more than just a doctor. One of his patients referred to him as a doc-star -- and that he still is! Mark is a special kind of healer, he treats the whole person and not just the disease. He sees beyond the basic science, the outdated solutions and the accepted norms. He sees that it's about your lifestyle, your mind, your body and your spirit. I personally love that before he went to medical school, he was a yoga teacher!

In the fall of 2011, I had some personal awakenings and drove myself up to the UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Mass., where I sat with Mark for a full health assessment. Since the well-being forum, not only did Mark and I remain in touch, but I looked forward to his familiar hugs every time we met at an event (and between what I produced and what he participated in, there were a lot of them)!

After Mark determined a few results from my tests, I immediately committed to three months on a gluten-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free diet. I began taking up to 40 different vitamins and supplements everyday. Sure, I took a break for the holidays, but I didn't skip a beat once they passed and I got right back on track. How could I not want to? Since beginning the program, I feel so focused, so driven. Why not feel that way every day? In addition to my daily yoga and meditation practice, I recently started working out with an incredible trainer, John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems. As a native New Yorker, a lifetime of city stress takes a toll on me, and I must release and refresh through daily sweat and meditation. In the Agent of Change camp, my team knows that 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on my schedule is "Rachel's Time." I must stay focused and exercise helps me do that. Without it, I am simply not top of my game.

Alas, not only did I walk away from that time in Lenox with a new plan, I walked away with a new client. Mark made me his official Campaign Manager for his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution. Still spinning from the success I helped achieve for Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet campaign a year ago, I have now been responsible for managing Mark's social media outreach, marketing, public relations and staffing to ensure that all teams are following one solid task list, calendar and mission. While Agent of Change has supervised multi-faceted projects like this before, nonetheless, I have gained quite an education while sitting at the head of this particular table. I've learned so much, and as a result, I have created Agent of Change's literary department.

Along with the campaign, Agent of Change threw a launch party to remember. (What, you thought we wouldn't have a party to commemorate this big day?). This past Friday night, Donna Karan hosted "An Intimate Discussion with Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Dean Ornish" about health care today. Of course you are familiar with The Dr. Oz Show, and for those of you who think you don't know Dr. Ornish, you do -- he is renowned doctor who got McDonald's to put salad on their menu and helped Medicare accept integrative health care. This power trio is comprised of a few of revolutionaries who went to Capitol Hill to have integrative medicine recognized by our government.

The Blood Sugar Solution is great for people just like me, healthy individuals looking to make a multi-faceted change in their lives. But it also has a more narrow focus, and that is helping people stave off and reverse diabesity. As Mark notes:

Nearly all people who are overweight (over 70 percent of Americans) already have "pre-diabetes" and have significant risks of disease and death. They just don't know it. Even worse, while the word diabesity is made up of the concepts of obesity and diabetes, even those who aren't overweight can have this problem. These are the "skinny fat" people. They are "under lean" (not enough muscle) instead of "overweight" and have a little extra weight around the middle, or "belly fat." Currently there are no national screening recommendations, no treatment guidelines, no approved medications, and no reimbursement to health care providers for diagnosing and treating anything other than full-blown diabetes.

A definite highlight of last month was when Mark and I attended the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Summit where Mark spoke on a panel with President Bill Clinton. Listen to President Clinton's respect and admiration for Mark here! (Did I mention President Clinton wrote a blurb on the front cover of Mark's book?)

This is a nationwide concern if you ask me. Piggybacking on Mark's message in The Blood Sugar Solution is his new Take Back Our Health initiative, a movement meant to galvanize communities across the country to come together and take a stand for healthcare. Join us NOW!

Also, if you really want to change your health -- pick up your copy of The Blood Sugar Solution today!

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