02/14/2013 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Behind the Scenes at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Fashion Week is one of the busiest, most stressful and most exciting times of the year for me and my team. It's also the time that you see what's new and next coming down the runway. It's how stories are told and how the season should feel, and for me it was time to try something new.

One of my jobs as a designer is to constantly find new ways to express myself and tell the story of my collection. Digital, to me, was the perfect platform to tell the story of my fall collection. This story would have many chapters -- designing the collection, constructing the runway, assembling the talented team of artisans, filming the actual show, editing the show and finally debuting the show for all to see and making the experience that much deeper by curating content for my social community. Here a look behind the scenes at the creation of my fall/winter 2013 digital runway show...



Load in at the studio very early. This is the calm before the storm -- there's nothing but steamers, coffee and loud music. The team listens to Macklemore's "Thrift Shop." There's little conversation as everyone is concentrating.

I share a moment with my stylist Julia Von Boehm while looking at lighting for the still photographs.




Bobbi Brown and her team arrive. Bobbi and I work together quite frequently. I love her because she approaches beauty from the inside out and advocates strong women.

We talk about the eye and nickname the look we are going for "The Panda" because she used a coppery color on the eyelid and the lower eyelash lines, somewhat exxaggerated, like a panda.
I love it.


Ted Gibson is one of my favorites and so easy to work with. I am obsessed with effortless hair. The hair for the collection was inspired by my stylist, Julia, and how she wears her hair. It's tousled, sexy, messy and I think so modern.




The reverse French is one of my favorites -- I was inspired by Sharon Stone in Casino -- so chic! Katie Hughes, the global color ambassador from butter LONDON, used an oxblood red for a base and did the half moon in a lighter nude. I loved it so much she did my nails the same way.



Runway time. I love this shot of our model back stage -- it's those stolen moments during a show that feel most special to me.

The sweater-and-pant look is the first look down the runway. I could feel the collective sigh from my team -- we just loved it so much.

It's equally as important to me to see the girls exit the runway as it is to see them come down the runway. You have to see how the clothes work and move from all angles!

The show ends all too soon. You can feel the pride in the studio. The looks, the lighting, the hair, the make-up, the nails, the girl, the styling -- it all came together to tell the story and I loved that we were telling it in a different way through digital.


We edit the show overnight. It's a long night. Another reason I chose a digital show was to try and make life a little easier for the editors, press and retailers who are endlessly running from show to show.

We created this digital book -- you just open the cover and the runway show plays on a screen inside. Totally portable.