10/28/2008 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Liveblog! Super Tuesday Brings Many Happy Returns, Plus Ratings

It's a's a's a phrase that's probably been used before but we're going to use it anyway: Super Tuesday! Here we are on this Day of Days™ watching as the returns roll in on as many networks as possible. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee has more delegates than Mitt Romney — two-man race? I don't think so — and college kids in Massachusetts broke for...Hillary Clinton. Two-man race? Never was. Meanwhile,
California is still at the polls so we won't know if the Republicans-only roster hurt John McCain, or if Barack Obama surged with the help of Maria Shriver and one hell of a viral video. Black is white, day is night, and for a change the pundits were completely wrong all over the place. Yay! Super Tuesday ROCKS! If you didn't have time tonight to flip between channels aimlessly, now's your chance — join HuffPo liveblogging stalwart Glynnis MacNicol, NYU and Columbia University professor Joe Cutbirth, and HuffPost Media Editor Rachel Sklar (me). We are but one liveblog this evening — HuffPo's got Bob Cesca rocking some pithy observations here and TVNewser keeping tabs on the nets and cablers every move here. We know you have a choice in your Super Tuesday liveblog, and we're glad you've chosen to spend this time with us.

Rachel: Okay! Joe meet Glynnis - Glynnis meet Joe.
Glynnis: hi Joe!
Rachel: We are all blogging the coverage - It's just about impressions, what anchors are doing what, interesting commentary, good hair.
To speak to the ratings point above - tonight is going to be monster ratings all around, I'd guess - this almost feels bigger than the November '06 election (actually, what else can compare to the down-to-a-few-votes horserace between Allen and Webb on which the fate of the Senate swung? Nailbiting!). Point being, this is a big night.
Rachel: Joe is watching CNN - Glynn has MSNBC on, we'll switch it up as needed. Brit Hume's on Fox right now. We'll wing this - it's Super Tuesday.
Glynnis: Yay!
Sent at 8:29 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Okay Joe - I've live blogged many a debate, but never a result. So, this is new for me, too.
Whoever is doing the make-up at MSNBC is doing a stellar job. Matthews and Brokaw look ten years younger.
Joe: I'm stoked...Just voted and am having a little buyer's remorse on my choice.
Glynnis: Full disclosure: I'm Canadian and can't vote, alas.
So have been suffering some serious voter envy all day!
Joe: I'm Texan, and southern, and in a strange way, I had a totally unexpected tug toward Clinton today in a sort of chivalrous way.
Full disclosure, too, in 1996 I worked for Clinton-Gore in Texas.
Glynnis: Ah - interesting...many people I talked to up here had a last minute Obama tug.
Joe: I didn't say what I did with that tug, though...
Sent at 8:35 PM on Tuesday
Joe: I want to give a shout out to Roland Martin, a member of Anderson Cooper's "Best Political Team on Television." He's an old colleague of mine at the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram from about 15 years ago.
Glynnis: Okay - at the moment we are watching MSNBC/Keith Olbermann, who never ceases to remind me of Clark Kent.
And Chris Matthews.
Joe: Olbermann is the best news writer on cable television by far.
Glynnis: Who doesn't remind me of anyone.
And Joe Scarborough, whose MSNBC ad is a little too close to resembling a political ad.
Huckabee is doing well!
Joe: I'm watching CNN because I'm intensely ambivalent about Chris Matthews
Glynnis: Ah - yes. Understood.

Joe: Huckabee is my man! I can't get past the old ad he signed in USA Today calling on women to submit to their husbands...
Sent at 8:40 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Joe Scar says that the conservatives are going for McCain because they are more scared of Islamic radicals than a liberal on the Supreme Court.
Joe: I told my class today that I am at a loss when Republicans talk about which among them are more conservative...seriously, I am lost on that. It sort of fascinates me, though.
Huckabee's doing well in Georgia. He already won West Va. I thought he was out of the race. Maybe it's his Lazarus moment!
Sent at 8:43 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Joe Scar says it's his let's make a deal night. VP here he comes!!
Sent at 8:44 PM on Tuesday
Joe: My 88-year old mother was a Republican in Texas when Goldwater ran against Johnson, a real conservative of the old guard. She can't stand McCain. She tried to explain it to me tonight, but I just don't get it.
Sent at 8:46 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Bill Richardson is up next on apparently he's pulled a Gore! He has a goatee!
Joe: I think the most telling thing tonight is going to be the Hispanic vote, though I hate it when we talk about voting blocks as if cultures are monolithic.
Sent at 8:48 PM on Tuesday
Joe: clarification...I think the most interesting thing in the Democratic Primaries tonight is the Hispanic vote - because of Kenney's endorsement and campaigning in the West.
Sent at 8:50 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Polls close in New Mexico in 6 mins....I'm very interested.
Glynnis: Richardson is on MSNBC, looking very hip and tan. He's saying that the man behind him in the voter booth hadn't yet made up his mind.
Sent at 8:54 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Huckabee won Alabama...that is three for him tonight with Georgia way too close to call...This is a serious embarrassment for the GOP
Glynnis: Tim Russert and Chris Matthews are a well-matched pair. I imagine them being very happy together.
Joe: The slow white guys.
Sent at 8:56 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Mass. has just been declared for Hillary. This despite the Kennedy endorsement.
Joe: Earlier CNN reported a poll that showed the second choice overwhelmingly of Huckabee supporters is McCain. That busts the myth by the media that Republicans are really split between McCain and Romney.
That is GREAT news for Hillary. It should have been her state, but the Kennedy endorsement put it back into play, I think.
Joe: New Mexico is going to be telling as a preview of California, I think.
Sent at 9:01 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Good's all about California.
Joe: I agree...I think it's all about California, too.
Joe: The subtext for political junkies - at least among Democrats - is the impact of the Kennedy endorsements.
Glynnis: Chris Matthews is just giving Hillary kudos for beating the Kennedy's in Mass.
Joe: Maria Shriver was a total shock I thought. I loved it because I love unexpected wild things. I bet it - coupled with Caroline Kennedy's editorial - was a real blow to Clinton privately.
That is a real psychological boost for her.
...beating Ted Kennedy
Sent at 9:07 PM on Tuesday

Joe: Did Rachel pass out? there?
Rachel Sklar has joined.
Glynnis: Rachel went to do television. She should be back in thirty.
Joe: Just kidding
Clinton's showing in Tennessee is also a good sign for her.
Rachel: Hi guys
can I come back?
Glynnis: Yay - have you already gone on?
Rachel: This is exciting stuff - I found out Clinton won New York while I was on the air in Canada. Woot — shout-out to my homies!
Joe: I'm surprised Obama didn't do better there. I guess I thought Harold Ford Jr., now of the DNC, would have done better for him.
Rachel: Yep I'm on again at 9:40. MSNBC is on here, what's up on the other networks? How's that CNN Magic Wall™?
Glynnis: Tucker is on MSNBC sporting an interesting tie/shirt combo.
Joe: I LOVE the magic wall...I was an MSNBC groupie until Jared, my former student and consultant on all things hip and technology, won me over to CNN.
Glynnis: I think Tucker Carlson must have a decaying painting in his closet...he doesn't age!
Rachel: It works though, the Tucker.
Joe: <- not a Tucker fan.
Rachel: (Tucker™)
So, many happy returns! We've got Oklahoma and Alabama and Massachusetts and Illinois and New York and New Jersey and Georgia and Tennessee and, um, other ones...
John McCain is underperforming, says John Yang on MSNBC. So far as I understand it Romney's got one, Huck's got two, and McCain's got more than I can count right now. So who's underperforming exactly?
Oh! ToBro on MSNBC. He looks so happy to be there.
(ToBro = Tom Brokaw}
Joe: I'm a little surprised at Obama leading in Conn. I wonder if that is the Lamont brigade.
Glynnis: Sounds like Huckabee is Romney's Nader.
Rachel: Is it me, or does ToBro sort of resemble Chris Matthews?
Like, when they're on the split screen it's like wise elder and yappy young pup
Joe: Who is ToBro?
Rachel: Or maybe that could just be the combination of hair color and a common tub of makeup.
Glynnis: ToBro is very Presidential, I was thinking. But yes, sort of like a white-haired Matthews.
Joe: O...never mind...Joslow
Seeing Huckabee doing this well sort of irritates me at the conventional wisdom of the talking heads...listening to them all week you would think he was out of it altogether.
Sent at 9:17 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Chris M says people are "breaking from their traces." This is not a phrase I'm familiar with.

Joe: Gloria Borger is the Tucker of CNN.
Sent at 9:19 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: We saw her this afternoon, actually.
Sent at 9:20 PM on Tuesday
Joe: She just seems like she repeats the obvious or her analysis is really shallow. She just talked about how Clinton carried women so big in NY. Like that is a surprise?
Rachel: Joslow, funny! Sorry, I was chatting with the woman here who came with Marie Wilson of the White House Project. HuffPo Contributor!
Glynnis: Strangely, Chris M seems more excited that Hillary "beat Teddy Kennedy," than perhaps Hillary is.
Rachel: You know what, he probably is. He LIVES for this stuff.
Poll: Who is more apoplectically excited about all this, Chris Matthews or Tim Russert?
Joe: Don't forget Matthews worked for Tip. He has a Mass. angle.
Glynnis: At the moment I'm going for Chris...but Tim's been MIA for a while.
Keith is wearing a PINK tie!
Sent at 9:26 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Begala just said, "There are Latinos and there are Latinos." HEY PAUL...We have a tough enough time convincing people we don't all speak like "W."
Rachel: Anyone looked at Fox recently? Brit Hume was anchoring; yellow tie. Buttery.
Glynnis: Ha - Howard Wolfson is saying that the Kennedy's only affected American born Hispanics who watch English language television.
And that Hillary was all over the Spanish speaking stations.
Joe: That is very interesting. I find Wolfson an interesting character and someone I always want to watch...just to see what he is up to.
Glynnis: Currently on MSNBC the Kennedy's are taking a beating. OUT WITH THE OLD says the Wolfman...perhaps Teddy wasn't so helpful after all.
Joe: Keep an eye on New Mexico
Sent at 9:29 PM on Tuesday
Joe: I have a serious question for you two. Honestly. Do you think the appearances of Michelle Obama, Maria Shriver, Caroline K., and Oprah affect women voters? Democratic voters are about 55 percent women, and it seems like that is a real anchor for Clinton. Is she in trouble with women in California....just your hunch.
Sent at 9:31 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Personally, they don't do anything for me. The Kennedy's don't pack a big punch for me. And as for Oprah, something about her jumping on the Obama train has always left me a tad unimpressed. I don't think he needs, or should need all these endorsements.
And I think she ALWAYS does better when she's seen as a bit of an underdog.
Rachel: Kennedy backlash?
Glynnis: Feels like it. Ted backlash, anyway.
Rachel: I think that yes, these women do have an impact.
Joe: I think she needs to hold onto Women and Hispanics, and old white labor guys...that seems to be her coalition.
Rachel: The endorsement of role models you trust and respect matters, and those are women that fit that description.
Glynnis: I don't know that Caroline can incite backlash.
Rachel: Barrack is doing better with white men, Hillary is doing better with white women.
Barrack is doing better with men overall, Hillary is doing better with women overall (though not as well as she was).
Joe: I think Caroline and Maria in a way are bigger than Ted...Caroline is really almost sacred in a way, and I was surprised she got into it in a primary.
Glynnis: I think they were mistaken to jump in the way they did in the primary. Too soon.
Joe: I thought Maria's appearance and her remarks about doing something for yourself, not what you are supposed to do, was sort of too coded and cryptic. I just was surprised by the way that happened.

Glynnis: Pink ties are apparently de rigueur on MSNBC...Joe Scar is also wearing one.
The absolute joy of Chris Matthews right now at what he's doing is almost infectious. He is LOVING this.
Joe: Matthews can be likeable when he wants. I wish he could keep his inner-blowhard under wraps and learn to not interrupt people and let them talk.
Rachel: KevMa on MSNBC
I think he's speaking, I'm a little distracted.
Going on air, back in a jiff
Sent at 9:40 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: I think KeMad might be a better moniker...more manly.
Joe: KeMad frightens me a bit. honestly. but so does Romney.
Glynnis: Ha - we met KeMad in NH and he was very nice. I'm like Romney better the closer he gets to completely cracking. Those sleeves are going up and up.
Howard Dean is on right now. He doesn't like the GOP.
Joe: Be honest, you think he is handsome and its easier to like someone handsome when they smile and don't talk about cutting head start and Medicare.

Sent at 9:43 PM on Tuesday
Joe: They are arguing my favorite think about republicans: who is more conservative. Begala said Huckabee is the real conservative. He doesn't believe in evolution, gravity or photosynthesis!
Sent at 9:46 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Ha - I definitely do not find Howard Dean handsome...and never have, actually.
Joe: I was talking about KeMad, Glynn.
Glynnis: HAHAHA - well that's true.
Joe: It seems the big win for Clinton in Mass. is due to her high margins among labor in Boston and blue collar Dems. She had the Boston mayor, but Obama had the big statewides. Shows all politics is local.
Clinton wins New Jersey. That is big for her coupled with Mass.
Sent at 9:50 PM on Tuesday
Joe: sorry, an 85-lb. Golden Retriever is giving me the sign he has to go out. I'll be back in 5 or less - he knows the drill.
Glynnis: At this point even if Obama takes California they will be breaking even, no?
Sent at 9:52 PM on Tuesday
Rachel: Doggies are cute.
Hi, I'm back with cogent commentary!
Glynnis: Romney is running away with the actual conservative vote.
I wonder how Ron Paul is doing.
Joe: Ron Paul is NUTS! It's amazing to me that he is where he is now. I interviewed him twice when I was a reporter in Texas. He is seriously spooky.
Hillary IS doing better than I would have believed given the hype this week.
Glynnis: Hillary always does better than people predict.
Joe: I've always liked that aspect of her. She has her stuff together. Always.
And she works her ass off.
Glynnis: Which is why I am skeptical about the theory that she is too polarizing to win in the general election.
Joe: That is what everybody said about Reagan in 1980.
The Carter people were so smug about how they would mop the floor with Reagan.
Sent at 10:00 PM on Tuesday
Joe: The next two big states for the Dems are Missouri and New Mexico. Those will both be real indicators of how things are going.
Glynnis: Huckabee beat Romney in Oklahoma!
Rachel Sklar has left.
Glynnis: Huckabee is a real spoiler here. Romney must be enraged.
Joe: Glynn...what if it's really Romney who is the spoiler for Huckabee?
Glynnis: Nah - I don't think anyone would really vote Huckabee into the White House...he is just too much of a novice on foreign policy.
Sent at 10:04 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Oklahoma just came in and Romney is a distant third. If Huckabee had his votes, he would have beaten McCain.
Glynnis: And vice versa. Huckabee is a VP, I think. Given the full spotlight of a front-runner he goes to pieces on a number of issues.
Not to say he hasn't accomplished some amazing things.
Notwithstanding where he stands on almost all the issues, I like Huckabee...he's the GOP version of Obama.
Sent at 10:07 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Huckabee is on right now in Arkansas quoting scriptural parables
Are you saying Huckabee is a distant relative of Dick Cheney?
Sent at 10:09 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: Ha - it's a definite possibility.
Huckabee is very convincing in person. He is so reasonable.
Sent at 10:11 PM on Tuesday
Joe: really??? I think Huckabee is the most fringe candidate to do well in the GOP in several elections though I do think he comes across sincere, but that just adds to the spook factor for me.
Sent at 10:12 PM on Tuesday
Joe: The way he talks about his "fair tax" really is unsettling.
Glynnis: Oh - I agree with you. I think it's amazing (as in shocking) that he's doing so well...but I think he's appealing to a similar nature in the GOP that Obama appeals to in the Dems. But yes, very spooky. Every time I look at him I think wolf in sheep's clothing.
Sent at 10:15 PM on Tuesday
Joe: It's interesting the he and Bill Clinton are from the same state. I think they share the same type of folksy appeal.
I think he can connect to people, which I think is Romney's real problem
Glynnis: Definitely, though Clinton's intelligence was MUCH more apparent.
I'm not ever fully convinced that Romney is able to connect with himself.
Joe: I would like to see Clinton v. Romney. I think she would clean his clock.
He'd never see it coming, and would be utterly shocked when it happened
Sent at 10:18 PM on Tuesday
Glynnis: She would kill!
Sent at 10:21 PM on Tuesday

Rachel Sklar has joined.
Joe: Obama has some seven states, but the only really significant one for him is Illinois, and to some degree Georgia.
Was Lamont for Obama?
Glynnis: I think that Chris Matthews is falling in love with Hillary.
Sent at 10:24 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Chris AND Ann Coulter.
Sent at 10:25 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Huckabee just called Mitt Romney "a whiner." HAHA
Sent at 10:27 PM on Tuesday
Joe: These tornados in Tennessee are awful. My home town was hit by one when I was a freshman in college.
Sent at 10:28 PM on Tuesday
Joe: CNN projections are WAY WAY behind MSNBC. They just called Alabama, which MSNBC called for Huckabee like 45 mins ago
Sent at 10:30 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Ugh. Romney is on CNN now...The first time I saw him I thought he was going to be tough in this campaign. Now I think he is tres tired!
Glynnis: Romney is giving his speech right now. What would be great is if he had a total, Howard Dean-esque meltdown right now. Threw off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves. Screamed about how much money he's spending. I would like him so much more if he did that.
Joe: That's rich, Glynnis.
Rachel: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Joe: What a hypocrite. He just talked about stopping illegal immigration. Who would mow his lawn?
Rachel: Oh lordy, I'm shaking with laughter. Full-on Michael Douglas in "Falling Down."
Glynnis: Hahaha - exactly.
Joe: What is up with those tacky red foam Mitts his supports keep holding up. Those are toooooo tired.
Rachel: Aw, Mitt. I feel like Mitt was innocent in the lawn-immigrant situation. How much due diligence do you have to do for such things? I guess maybe more than saying to the contractor you hire, "Hey, no illegals."
Mitt Romney rocks the best cheer ever! "THEY HAVEN'T"
Also known as "No, They Haven't!"
Nick Sabloff in our office just shouted out "No, no puede!"

Here's a video of him doing it last week after Florida - first time, we think. Not expecting it to go viral:

Oho look, Huckabee, who was just on CNN, is now on NBC.
This man is the MASTER of free media.
Joe: I'm sorry, all these Repubs are just hateful on the immigration thing. I don't know how they can say with a straight face what a great country this is and then propose things like a fence, a national id card and the spectacle in the eyes of the world a mass roundup would be.
Sent at 10:41 PM on Tuesday
Joe: <- apologizes for being a downer!
Rachel: Aw. You're not a downer!
How's the puppy?
Joe: Bo the wonderdog is now asleep on the bed
Rachel: By the way, on NBC they've got the big Super Tuesday special anchored by BriWi
Huckabee was just on for an interview
Who remembers about a week ago when Tim Russert sat up there on Nightly News and said it was a two-person race
As if Chuck Norris would let THAT happen.

Joe: Tim Russert is really an example of what is wrong with the MSM.
Glynnis: Isn't Lieberman officially an independent? BriWi just referred to him as a Dem. Or am I mistaken.
Rachel: Ooooh BriWi is smacking it down on Joe Lieberman!
Joe: He is so cliché!
Glynnis: Aw - The big Russ has been growing on me of late.
Rachel: "Respectfully, Senator, don't you think that the folks in the Nutmeg State who voted for you because you had a (D) next to your name might think it strange that you're at a REPUBLICAN rally?"
Actually, by now they probably wouldn't, no.
Joe: Russ is so tired and predictable in debates...He always tried to drag up some old quote and then read it then shock someone and try to make them deny something they said ages ago... It's so formulaic
Rachel: "All right, hangin' out with other people - Joe Lieberman."
Now Tavis Smiley. Not looking very smiley!
Joe: Soooo OVER Joe Lieberman.
Rachel: (OMG I love my job that I get to say stuff like that)

Sent at 10:46 PM on Tuesday
Rachel: OMG now Huckabee is on Fox talking to Chris Wallace
Joe: Clinton leading in Arizona, and that is good for her. It's about her ability to hold onto Hispanics in the Southwest, given the Kennedy stuff.
Rachel: You know, maybe he DOES have a special relationship with God. He sure as hell has omnipresence covered.
Joe: HAHA...
Rachel: On the cablers RIGHT NOW:
(1) Huck on Fox with Chris Wallace
Joe: Hillary is coming on CNN in a minute
Rachel: (2) Peggy Noonan on NBC with BriWi
(3) Garlique commercial on CNN
Joe: PEGGY NOONAN!!! Propagandist de luxe?
Clinton coming on to speak to supporters in NY
Rachel: "You've done easily some of the most important writing this campaign cycle" - to Peggy Noonan. Wow. He OBVIOUSLY isn't reading Eat The Press.
Sent at 10:50 PM on Tuesday
Joe: PeNoo's mug shot is next to the word "smarmy" in the dictionary.
Rachel: Peggy says that Obama represents a persona that proves that its' not just her.
Eh, that's not enough for a goddamned movement.
To be frank.
Glynnis: I whole heartedly disagree with that.
Rachel: Ha, I'm frank and you're Joe!
I kill me.
Glynnis: Hillary is on right now...she needs to stop reading her speech. She's good enough to go off the cuff.
Joe: I agree...Why is she reading??!?
She looks a little informal to me, sort of underplaying this night?
This is an uncharacteristically bad appearance it seems to me. I'm under whelmed
Sent at 10:55 PM on Tuesday
Joe: she's getting better...
Glynnis: I think she's probably exhausted...but she could be doing better than this. She does so much better when she can walk around.
Also, the color yellow is not that great for her.
Joe: It's the Dean affect. She is inside a room and she is playing the room and not the TV.
She is into the energy in the room, which looks and probably feels great. And I'm sure she is EXHAUSTED.
Sent at 10:58 PM on Tuesday
Joe: Now she is hitting it. I loved the thank you to her mother, who was born before women could vote watching her daughter. That is good stuff.
Glynnis: Is Bill in the room.
Yeah - that was a nice note to hit.
Sent at 11:00 PM on Tuesday
Joe: What would a one-on-one debate between her and Huckabee be like - especially on the role of women in this country?
WHAT would that conversation even be like?
Glynnis: Apparently, the Economist is liveblogging this.
She would take Huckabee to the cleaners.

11:04 PM Rachel: Huckabee alert! There he is on MSNBC!
Joe: You know what these networks really need to do - but they won't... To really be good public service, they need to break California down by congressional district and go at it one at a time so we see how Big the win is and how the delegate count goes instead of reporting it like one big winner take all race, which it isn't.
11:05 PM Glynnis: For my money the NYT's front page is kickin' the cable coverage.
11:06 PM Rachel: John King is on the Magic Wall right now. Gotta say, the Magic Wall is pretty hot.
Glynnis: That said, I really doubt there is anyone as excited about this as Chris Matthews, which, despite the sometime crazy factor, is making me enjoy it that teenage girl at a sleepover sort of way.
Joe: The magic wall is amazing.
11:07 PM Glynnis: This is my first magic wall experience.
Rachel: Chris Matthews to Huck: Was there any deal in West Virginia?
Oh honey. You'll never go back.
11:08 PM Joe: Romney is whining about the alleged deal...Huckabee called him a whiner. I loved it
11:09 PM Rachel: Harold Ford on Fox right now.
Harold! Call me!
Huckabee's ears are big flappers.
Joe: Harold didn't pull out Tennessee for Barack.
11:10 PM Missouri is tight tight...but it looks like Hillary may take it, and that would be big.
Rachel: David Gergen on CNN. Gergen and Toobin. CNN has the funnest names. And Blitzer!
11:11 PM Gergin and Toobin and Blitz, oh my!
Borger? I don't even know 'er!

11:12 PM Glynnis: "He should serve no whine before it's time."
Joe: The Toob is calling the nomination for McCain on CNN.
11:13 PM Rachel: Chris Matthews
just dropped an Orson Welles quote that Huckabee's staff told him he couldn't use because no one would get it ("He should serve no wine until it's time"). Keith Olbermann just let them know that he got it, too. And so it goes.
Glynnis: Everyone hates Romney.
Rachel: If the Toob fits, you must acquit.
[Tortured OJ book reference]
________________________________________ 6 minutes
11:19 PM Glynnis: Hillary takes Arizona. We're closing on California.
11:21 PM Chris is pitching Hardball to David Axlerod.
Hardball is apparently at the epicenter of EVERYTHING.
Joe: Hispanics are staying with Hillary. That is really key, and it really shows Ted Kennedy not that big a deal.
11:22 PM Glynnis: Some sort of exit just poll put Hillary way ahead of Obama in California.
11:23 PM Perhaps more than change and more than dynasty and more than Kennedy mystique, people don't like being told what to do.
Joe: At some level, I think that is correct.
I think its especially correct in the West. The social culture in the West is much more from a tradition of rugged individualism than of machine or ward politics.
11:26 PM Glynnis: Yeah - I also have to say that not to disparage Ted Kennedy who has accomplished amazing things, but they are of another time. I feel unconnected to them, and think for many people my age or younger, the mystique has worn thin, and isn't so grounded in our political experience.
11:27 PM Joe: Why is CNN so far behind MSNBC on calling states. Wolf says Ariz. is too close to call. CNN has been late all night...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
11:28 PM CNN has the magic board, but MSNBC has the statisticians.
Glynnis: MSNBC is flying high and loose with the predictions.
Tim Russert looks happy but beat.
11:29 PM Russert looks teary-eyed. Tears of joy?
Joe: Has MSNBC called Georgia or Tennessee?
Glynnis: Not sure - I'm being distracted by Russert's enormous head.
11:30 PM Joe: Woo woo! Huckabee carries Georgia...That is HUGE!
I think Huckabee is having a really big night, seriously.
Glynnis: Wow! Really?
Joe: The deal here is McCain isn't winning ANY southern states.
11:31 PM That is huge. The south is the base of the Republican party, and if the guy who looks like he is going to be the nominee can't carry the base states in the primary, that is really a huge problem.
11:32 PM Romney has spent the last two weeks - and the MSM has bought into it like sheep - that he is the conservative alternative to McCain, but the voters are saying Huckabee is!
11:33 PM Glynnis: It's the Chris and Tim show over here...declaring that they should be very very careful when declaring winners (also, we presume, chasing rabbits).
11:35 PM Chris Matthews: these Republicans are not behaving like Republicans!
11:36 PM Joe: Huckabee has proved he is a player when people were ready to write him off. While everyone was focused on Florida, he pulled out and campaigned in the South and it looks like that strategy worked - it's at least going to keep him alive a while longer.
11:37 PM Cindy McCain has to get rid of the Hairdini!
Rachel: Heyyyy
How we doing?
Am about to post
What a night.
11:38 PM Joe: McCain is on...I'm counting how many times he tells us he was "a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution."
11:39 PM Rachel: Aw. Cindy McCain is crying. Flawlessly.
11:40 PM Joe: Roberta McCain is the new Ms. Lillian (Carter).
11:42 PM Glynnis: McCain actually seems to be giving an in the moment speech.
11:43 PM Joe: McCain is giving a speech like Hillary SHOULD have given. He is speaking off the cup
off the cuff...I was noticing the same thing. He is inspired...
Glynnis: I take it back...I think he may be reading off a teleprompter.
11:44 PM Joe: He may be, but he does seem energized ...HERE COMES OBAMA
Glynnis: Yep - he's seeing the money, so to speak.
Oh - Barack's on!
11:45 PM And he uses the tornadoes to take a hit at Bush...I hope our federal gov will act quickly...
11:46 PM Joe: The new thing this year is sign carrying supporters behind you. Everyone has it now...its all about the picture.
11:47 PM Glynnis: Barack is better in these situations when he's a bit less cheerful...gravitas works so well for him.
11:48 PM I think I may have watched the YouTube too many times...I want Obama to say something prosaic.
11:50 PM Joe: I hate the chanting crowd. It freaks me out a bit...especially when they chant USA USA USA...
Glynnis: Hmm - I worry that the Yes We Can video may have been to much of a good thing. I'm having problems listening to him with out wanting it to music.
Rachel: "Our time has come - our movement is real - and change is coming to America."
( it me or would that make a catchy song?)
11:52 PM Joe: If you listen to the way Obama is positioning himself for the fall - change v. more of the same - he cant pick Clinton for his running mate...but I think she HAS to pick him.
11:54 PM Glynnis: I think she would be in great error not to choose him. But I agree, she won't be his VP, but less because he won't pick her than because she isn't interested in playing second fiddle.
11:55 PM This is a very negative speech from Obama. Has he been shaken, perchance?
This is not flattering on him.
This is not a tear inducing youtube video in the works.
11:57 PM Joe: Well if she turned it down not to play second fiddle, she would make herself third fiddle, because the person he did pick would have the inside track to the next election.
But he cant pick her.
11:58 PM Glynnis: I think if she loses now, she could be on track to be the Senate's next Ted Kennedy.
This speech is less than inspiring.
Joe: wow...that is the real glass ceiling once again in the workplace...what irony.
11:59 PM Glynnis: He is recycling old stuff here. The downside of setting the bar so high, perhaps.
Joe: I wonder if this rhetoric can be sustained for another eight months....its wears thin after a while.
12:00 AM Glynnis: My thoughts exactly. I would hate to see him become a parody of himself by the end of this.
12:01 AM Joe: Yeah...there is a phrase we used to use called "over exposed." It's when people see so much of a candidate or officeholder that they get sick of him/ her. It happened to Ann Richards in Texas and was one of the things that hurt her when she lost to Bush.
Rachel: Oy kids, it's midnight.
Obama hasn't noticed, but I have.
Joe: He's a senator, and they LOVE to hear themselves talk.
12:02 AM Glynnis: I hope this isn't a jump the shark speech.
12:03 AM Joe: Saturday Night live is going to start parodying him soon and it's going to be killer.
12:05 AM Glynnis: HAHAH - I JUST SAID THAT!!!!
you owe me a coke.
Rachel: Glyn just said that!
I owe her a coke!
12:06 AM YES...WE...CAN remember the last time you said that!
Joe: Huckabee won Tennessee. He has won the base of the GOP...look at his wins all in the south. This is impressive.
Rachel: I have been saying don't count out Huckabee for a while now
12:07 AM Then I stopped when he started talking about the abolition of the IRS.
Joe: The one last state Huckabee has out is Missouri, and he is narrowly ahead. If he wins Missouri McCain is really in trouble with the party's base. This is proof.
12:09 AM Glynnis: I have to say that based solely on tonight's coverage MSNBC has won me over. And by MSNBC I mean the Chris and Tim show...the shiny, happy people.
Joe: I mentioned that too earlier Rachel. Huckabee's "fair tax," the 30+ percent national sales tax is absurd! and I cant believe the mass media gives it a pass the way it does.
12:10 AM Glynnis is a sucker for a handsome face.
Glynnis: It's going to be interesting. I really can't envision the rational half of the GOP allowing a Huckabee candidacy, but he's definitely going to have a voice.
12:11 AM Not handsome so much as shiny and gleeful.
And on that note, I think it's time for bed.
12:13 AM Joe: Begala makes a great point. Neither Obama nor Clinton has run a single attack ad yet. That is great.
Glynnis: Joe - it was lovely to live blog with you...hope to do it again soon!
Joe: Nite Glynnis. That would be great, and I hope we meet in person sooner rather than later.
12:14 AM I'm going to log off too Rachel. Have an early faculty meeting tomorrow.
Glynnis: Absolutely!
Joe: Nite!
Rachel: Goonight all. Thanks for taking our Super Tuesday into Super Wednesday.