05/15/2009 04:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

SAVE ERIC: How To Save A Life (On Twitter)

This is unreal. My pal Veronica De La Cruz (CNN, TV Guide) is racing against time to get her brother Eric De La Cruz a heart transplant. He lives in Nevada, where there are no places to perform the operation; but he can't go to the nearest out-of-state facility because his insurance is Nevada-only. WOW. She's trying to get as many people as possible to lobby Nevada Senator Harry Reid (here), Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons (here) - while meanwhile seeking donations to actually pay for it (here), because the hospitals WON"T EVEN SEE HER BROTHER WITHOUT EVIDENCE THAT HE CAN PAY. Wow again.

The good news is that Veronica has been tireless here - and she has Twitter. The cause is spreading (and so is the #ERIC hashtag) and she's had some support from some pretty big names (@TheExpert jumped on board and took it one step further). So - if you are on Twitter, spread the word; if you have a moment to donate, do what you can. Incredibly, this is for real. Make a difference.

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